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FEATURES Cloud - your virtual hard drive.

Keep your important files in one secure location – cloud storage is your virtual hard drive. Your files on the cloud are always available and easily shared. users have up to 2GB of free storage space with an option to buy more.

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Which Cloud options should I be using?

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“I want to keep all of my files in the cloud, always have access to them and, if necessary, share them with others.”

After activating the Cloud in, install the Cloud application on your computer. All of your files will also be available to you without logging in to, or if there is no Internet.

The Cloud application for your smartphone, tablet and computer:

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“I take a lot of pictures with my phone, and I want to save them automatically in the cloud.”

After activating the Cloud in, download the Cloud app to your smartphone. This will automatically upload all your pictures to the cloud. Now you do not have to worry that the pictures will be lost if something happens to your phone. You can always access your files at the address Cloud application for your smartphone:

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“I wish to store my files in the cloud and access them via apps on my multiple devices. In the interests of security, I want to make backup copies of some files, which would also be located in the Cloud.”

After you have installed the Cloud synchronization application, also download the Cloud backup application, which always creates backup copies of your selected folders in the Cloud. You can configure the frequency at which backups are made, and after the initial set-up it will be done automatically.

The Cloud backup application:

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Up to 2 GB free

You will receive 1 GB of storage space automatically after you activate the Cloud in the environment. You will receive a total of 2 GB for free once you connect your account with your EMT or Diil cell phone number.

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100 GB

Plenty of space. No ads.

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€1.94 per month

500 GB

Lots of space. No ads.

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€6.95 per month