Mobiilne Elu

Mobile plans

With Telia’s 5G mobile plan, you remain firmly connected.

A streamlined new beginning with Telia’s 5G mobile plan. Shareable unlimited plan starting from €15,26/user. You can share the internet with up to 5 devices or users if you wish.

Main arguments

  • Telia network runs on 100% green energy

  • Internet in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia as in Estonia

  • 300 voice minutes to EU countries included in the price

  • Calls

    Unlimited calls, SMSs and MMSs in Estonia and roaming in the calling plan

Choose a suitable internet capacity

How to subscribe?

  1. Select suitable internet

    If you do not know exactly how much internet you need, it does not matter – you can change it for free at any time in the self-service. When travelling in the Baltics and Scandinavia, you will be able to use the internet like at home!
  2. Subscribe in the self-service

    You can subscribe with a new number or with your existing number, which we can help you transfer from another operator. If your phone supports it, is the fastest and most environmentally friendly way to get connected!
  3. Add users and devices as needed

    Once you have activated your new number, you can add up to 5 devices or users in the self-service, and the internet will be shared between them according to their use. If you wish, you can also set usage restrictions.

Additional services

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