Telia 1

We value customers who trust us with their home internet, mobile and TV services.

To show this, we have created the special Telia 1 offer that could save you over € 100 per year.

Main arguments

  • All services on one invoice

  • Exciting device deals

Win with Telia 1

2 x faster home internet

Price of the example plan: €27 per month

Regular price: €30 per month

Advantage with Telia 1 – €36 per year

  • A faster connection than the existing one, subject to technical feasibility and tender conditions
  • No fixed-term contract

Favourable instalment interest

0% instalment interest on selected products

Standard interest 21.9%

  • 0% interest on selected products and contract fee of up to € 19.90
  • Flexible repayment period of 12–24 months

If you are a Telia 1 customer and purchase € 600 worth of goods for 24 months on instalments, you will save a total of € 75 per year thanks to 0% preferential interest.
The interest rate is subject to change according to the campaign conditions.

2 movies free of charge every month

€0 per month

Regular price: €6 per 2 movies

Advantage with Telia 1 – €72 per year

  • New movies every week
  • More than 3000 movies to choose from
  • You can even watch the movie several times within 48 hours
  • You can watch Telia TV content not only on your TV, but also on the app or online

How to get the benefits of Telia 1

  1. Join Telia 1

    If you are already a Telia customer, you can join Telia 1 in the self-service. If you are not yet a Telia customer, ask for an offer.
  2. Start enjoying the benefits immediately

    Once you have signed up, the Telia 1 benefits will apply to you automatically: 2 free movies every month if you have Telia TV, a preferential interest rate in the Telia online store, and 2 times faster connection for the same money if you have Home Internet.
  3. Join the missing services within 30 days

    If you are not yet a customer of all 3 basic Telia services when you join Telia 1, you have 30 days to add the missing services. Do so conveniently in the self-service.

Good to know