Using Telia’s website

Using Telia’s website

Here we provide an overview of how to use Telia’s online environment at a basic level, i.e. what the related technical tools and content creation principles are.

Keyboard navigation

It is also possible to move around on Telia’s website only using the keyboard. If you press the ‘Tab’ key, the focus moves to the next item, and the currently active item is marked with a box surrounding it. To activate the focus link, press the ‘Enter’ key on the keyboard.

The first two links that become active as you move around the website in this manner are ‘Skip to main content’ and ‘Accessibility’. These are specifically intended for keyboard navigators and not visible to regular users.

The ‘Skip to main content’ link skips the header and jumps to the main content of the page. The ‘Accessibility’ link refers to the same page you are currently visiting.

Zooming content

Web browsers

We recommend using built-in features for web browsers in order to enlarge the content.

In all popular web browsers, you can zoom in and out on a website by holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key (the ‘Cmd’ key in OS X operating system) and pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-’ key, respectively. Another convenient way to zoom in or out on a website is to hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key while moving the mouse scroll wheel. You can return the screen image to its normal size by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘0’ at the same time.

Browser extensions

Zoom extensions have also been created for web browsers to complement the available functionality of the web browser. For example, the Firefox extension Zoom Page allows you to enlarge both the entire page and only the text at the same time. There is a similar extension available for Chrome called AutoZoom.

Standalone programs

The zooming of the content displayed on the screen can be adjusted in all common operating systems.

Windows has a program called Magnifier for this purpose. To open it in Windows 10, click the button with the Windows logo at the bottom left and simultaneously press the plus sign (+) key on your keyboard as many times as you want to enlarge the content. To reduce the size of the content, click the button with the Windows logo and press the minus sign (-) key on your keyboard at the same time.

To open the Magnifier program in Windows 7, click the start menu button at the bottom left, start typing the word ‘Magnifier’ (the first few letters are enough) and then press the ‘Enter’ key. A small window will open displaying everything as zoomed in. By default, the program tracks the position of the mouse cursor.

In Windows XP, you can find Magnifier by following these steps: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Accessibility -> Magnifier.

To use the zooming feature on Apple computers, please follow these steps: Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Accessibility (or Universal Access) -> Zoom.

Using screen reader

A screen reader is a program that tries to understand what is displayed on a computer screen and transfers such content in other forms, such as audio commentary. In particular, it is a tool for the visually impaired.

Selection of popular screen readers:

We strive to ensure that the content of Telia’s website fully complies with all standards understood by screen readers.

In addition to the instructions above, you can improve accessibility to information by adjusting your computer’s browser and operating system.

These topics are covered more in detail on the English website at

Using services

Using services

In order to use the TV service, we have developed a technical capability that allows us to transmit audio description for the visually impaired and subtitles for the hearing impaired, both provided by the channel producers.

We make every effort to ensure that all Telia’s shops are easily accessible to people with reduced mobility through ramps or other solutions. If it is not possible or difficult for a person to visit the shop, there are always other options to contact Telia, for example, by phone or email or having a chat with the bot.

Self-service ordering of devices

Ordering devices via parcel machine is free of charge. If you would like a Telia technician to bring the devices to your home and help you install them, please set up a paid technician visit in the self-service. If you have a special need that prevents you from using a parcel machine and you do not need the help of a Telia technician, please contact us by calling 123 or by sending email to and, if justified, a consultant will be able to arrange a free courier delivery for you.