Mobile Internet for your company

You can share the Unlimited+ plan with all your employees, or a single user plans between up to 5 devices.

  • Allocating the internet according to business needs

  • Voice capacity and SMSs of the plan at Estonian rates across the EU

  • Internet in the Baltic Republics and Scandinavia as in Estonia

Choose a suitable mobile plan


Turn mobile internet into
wi-fi with a pocket router

If your computer does not have a SIM card slot, you can connect to the Internet using a pocket router. Simply insert the SIM card into your router and share the mobile Internet of your Business Mobile plan as Wi-Fi.



For a special solution and personalised advice, please contact your key account manager, fill in the contact form or call 1551.

Additional services

Calls in the Wi-Fi network

Use your office Wi-Fi network for mobile calls – with VoWiFi, or Wi-Fi calls, you only need to be within range of a wireless Internet network to receive and make high-quality calls. View more

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