Minu Telia

The My Telia app is a mobile self-service for Telia clients.

It offers a convenient way to keep track of your internet usage, running costs and invoices.

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Sales arguments

  • Overview of data traffic, minutes and messages usage

  • An overview of the services ordered and the associated charges

  • Manage services and order new services.

  • Billing history and payment

  • Popular

    Positioning of mobile numbers

Your style app

Smart filters

Use smart filters to display the data that's most useful to you in the My Telia app's home screen.

Consumption of services

Always an accurate real-time overview of the mobile internet, call minutes and messages used.

In addition, you can also view the current overview if you have paid for services via mobile invoice.

Balance and payment

In the app, you can see the current month's expenses, as well as paid invoices and a more detailed history of both payments and consumption. Of course, you can also use the app to conveniently pay your invoices.

Easy positioning

The My Telia app has a simple mobile number positioning solution that allows you to position all your SIM-enabled devices (including smartphones, smartwatches, etc.).

Conveniently keep an eye on the whereabouts of your minor child or quickly find a lost phone.

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