Telia Business Class

If you entrust your company’s Internet and mobile services to us, you can buy or lease your devices at a discount and contact our IT support twice per month for free.

All benefits are automatically applied.

Benefits of Telia Business Class

€100 discount code for the E-shop

To see the code, view your personal offers.

IT Support 1787 for free twice per month

In case of computer problems, call 1787, and our top IT specialists will help you.

Leasing interest 9.9%

A good way to distribute your expenses favourably over a longer period.

To see whether Telia Business Class benefits already apply to your company, check your personal offers in the self-service.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of Telia Business Class, subscribe to the following services for your company


Broadband Internet

Secure Net is a fast and secure Internet connection that protects your company’s network, and devices connected to the network, from a variety of cyber threats.

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Mobile service

With Mobile Business, you get high-quality Mobile Internet and data on your company’s phones, tablets and computers.

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