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Inspira is Telia’s own TV channel where you can watch inspiring original shows and series, such as MasterChef Eesti, Laula mu laulu, and Sassis. In addition, there will be exclusive live coverage of concerts and sporting events, educational lifestyle programmes, documentaries, and a curated selection of quality movies.

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Inspira TV channel

You can catch up on Inspira content for free within 14 days of airing, and whole seasons of many of Inspira’s shows and series can also be found from the Content Finder section.

The Inspira channel is only available to Telia TV customers. In connection with live broadcasts, there may be changes to the Inspira TV programme.
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Inspira series, movies, and sports

On the Bog Trail: Scotland

The fourth season of On the Bog Trail takes hiking lovers Heleri and her brown Labrador Finn to Scotland, where they traverse the nearly 400-kilometre-long Southern Upland Way. Scotland, known for its volatile weather and uncompromising yet picturesque nature, will not leave the hikers untouched this time either. You can join the adventures of Heleri and Finn from 29 January, every Sunday on Inspira.

Royal Court 2022

Journalist Rania Shemoun Olsson monitored the Swedish royal family in 2022, which is characterised by the war in Ukraine and the changed security situation in Sweden. After the pandemic, work has returned to normal, but problems at the heart of the family also need to be addressed.


A skilled bounty hunter risks everything to get hold of a valuable painting belonging to a former mercenary.

Basic Bitch

Girlfriends Anine, Ingrid, Madeleine, and Julie were the hottest girls in Tønsberg in 1994. And they still are – as everyone else has left the town. Basic Bitch is a new series about four fairly ordinary women who could have moved to Oslo in the wind of ambitious career aims and #lifegoals, but prefer the peaceful life of their hometown.


AAgnieszka Osiecka was a poet, director, journalist, and one of the most prominent Poles. She wrote over 2,000 songs, sketches, and stage works. ‘The Poetess of Broken Colour’, as Jan Kott called her, wrote lyrics to songs that became timeless top hits in Polish popular music. Viewers can observe her fascinating life against the backdrop of colourful Polish social life between the mid-1950s until mid-1990s – her early youth, years of study at the Łódź Film School, work in famous student theatres, as well as her time of remarkable success and great fame.

Sing My Song

Seven beloved musicians gather under one roof once again to perform each other’s best hits in a new and surprising format. This season Grete Paia, Siiri Sisask, Anett Kulbin, Stefan Airapetjan, Jalmar Vabarna, Stig Rästa, and Tom-Olaf Urb aka Reket have been invited to the cosy Kernu Manor.

On air from 1 April on Saturdays at 21.00.

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