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The best entertainment on your screen, at home and abroad. Enjoy the new domestic series Lenna and Lauri Ilmaveerel, now only on Telia Inspira.

You can watch Telia TV simultaneously on up to five devices.

Main arguments

  • Jagamine

    Share between up to 5 users or devices

  • View on every screen

  • More content in thematic plans and content environments

  • Telia’s own TV channel Inspira and free content service Inspira+

  • Contract without a term

1 month free

Try Telia TV free for 1 month. The offer is valid for only new subscribers. Read the Terms and Conditions.

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How to watch Telia TV?

You can watch Telia TV on up to five devices at the same time. To watch a high-quality TV broadcast, you need an Internet connection with a speed of at least 10 Mbps per active play slot.

On a browser

Log in at and start watching

On a smart device with the Telia TV app

Download the Telia TV app from the App Store or the Google Play store

On a smart TV with the Telia TV app

Android TV (Philips, Sony) or Google TV

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With a set-top box

Watch on any TV

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How TV service sharing works?

  1. Subscribe to a Telia TV plan

    Subscribe to a Telia TV plan for sharing purposes The Family plan has 5, the Standard plan 3, and the Mini plan 2 play slots. You can subscribe and add play slots here
  2. Change the PIN code

    After subscription, please change your TV service PIN code. You can do this in the menu of your Telia set-top box, on the website of or in the settings of the Telia TV app. NB: please do not share your PIN code with other persons. This will ensure that they cannot access your data in the self-service of Telia or subscribe to paid services on Telia TV.
  3. Share between up to 5 play slots

    Use Smart-ID, Mobile-ID or bank link to log into the website or log into the Telia TV app on the device of the family member you want to share your TV service.

Always included in every plan


Close to 3000 hours of content: a wide selection of local and foreign shows, series, films, documentaries, Inspira original productions, reality shows, and more.

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Inspira channel on Telia TV

Inspira is Telia’s own TV channel, offering exciting and inspiring entertainment. Only available to Telia TV clients!

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Movies and series in the Content Finder

The Content Finder brings together all the content Telia TV has to offer, so you can find what interests you in a quick and easy manner!

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Play slots

Every Telia TV plan has at least 2 play slots, from which you can watch TV at the same time. You can also subscribe to additional play slots if you want.

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On-demand extras


Conveniently subscribe to your favourite channels in a single plan, be it sports, music or news. If you do not want the entire plan, you can pick all the channels one by one.

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Additional services

With extras such as HBO, Recording, For Kids, and National Geographic environment, you can tailor your and your family’s TV experience to your taste.

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