Business is protected with Secure Net

Get an internet service for your business that includes a high-speed internet connection and a cyber-security filter.

  • The security filter protects against threats online.
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • The highest network coverage across Estonia.
  • 70+ technicians providing service across Estonia.

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Secure Net week in numbers

customers with the security filter turned on were exposed to attacks or cyber threats
attacks were repulsed

Information at 13.6.2024

Enterprise cybersecurity starts with a secure connection

Secure internet

  • Protects your company’s internet network and network devices from various cyber threats, including DDoS attacks.
  • Allows you to assess your company’s level of cybersecurity in the self-service
  • Includes 1 static or dynamic IP address
  • Ensures a higher level of service (SLA). In the case of malfunctions, we will restore the service within 8 hours at the latest
  • For payment terminals, parcel machines, reverse or other vending machines, video surveillance equipment and workplaces with low internet usage, we recommend Secure Terminal Internet.


You can manage, modify, and terminate your service in the self-service. If you have any further questions, please call 1551 for business clients.

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IP addresses

A static IP address is an additional service that allows you to order up to 254 more IP addresses in addition to your current IP addresses

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Guaranteed reliability (SLA)

We guarantee an upgraded quality for the internet connection, if necessary.

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Corporate cyber security

Find out about the most common cyber threats and risks, as well as about Telia services that can protect your business, clients, and data.


Computer Cyber Protection

Protect your company’s computers, smart devices, cloud services and email from cyber criminals with a new generation of security software.

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