In order to have high-quality internet on your computer also when you are not at home or office, choose Mobile Internet plan.

  • 3G and 4G Internet with unlimited down- and upload speed.
  • One Internet allowance in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia at Estonian rate.

Choose appropriate plan

All prices are inclusive of VAT.


When you buy a new laptop or tablet, you can bundle the device with a mobile data plan. This way, you'll always have high-quality Internet access, and it's cheaper than subscribing to the service separately.

When you buy a new laptop or tablet and bundle the device with a mobile data plan, the monthly fee will be lower than when buying the device and service separately.
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Review service terms and prices. If you have any questions, contact us, and together will find the best solution for you.


The maximum Internet connection speed is enabled in all plans, which means that the peak speeds for 4G devices are 375 Mbps for download and 50 Mbps for upload, and for 3G devices 42,2 Mbps for download and 5.7 Mbps for upload.

Data allowance 30 GB 60 GB 100 GB
Monthly fee 17,49 € 24,49 € 35,49 €

Data usage of various online activities

  • For above average internet users – 30 GB is a sound choice for modern internet users who find it important to be constantly connected to the world, watch quality HD videos, stream their favourite music and also share it all with their friends.
  • For carefree internet users – 60 GB is a good choice for experienced internet users for watching live TV, streaming movies, playing online games, surfing the internet in a carefree manner and sharing the internet connection with various devices.
  • For avid internet users – 100 GB is the best choice for demanding internet users who find it important to be constantly connected to the world, to watch live TV, stream movies, play online games, surf the internet in a carefree manner and share the internet connection with various devices.


  • Only data service is activated on the internet device.
  • Data transmission units: 1 MB=1 024 kB; 1 GB=1 048 576 kB.
  • Plan's allowance can be used in Estonia. Those who subscribed on October 26, 2015 or later can also use the allowance in other Baltic and Nordic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway). For using data in other countries, roaming terms and prices and/or the Price list applies.
  • Data allowance that can be used in other Nordic and Baltic countries is meant for normal data usage during travel. If the user wants to use more than 50% of the allowance in the Nordic and Baltic countries, it is possible to order an add-on data pack, which enables data usage in these countries as per Internet in Computer data plan (home) rates, or pay per MB according to the roaming price list.
  • Once the allowance is reached, internet access is suspended. To continue using internet, you have to get a larger Internet on Computer data plan or buy an add-on data pack.
  • Plan fees are calculated on a daily basis on the first month of the subscription. On the last month of the subscription, the monthly fee is paid in full. If the plan is changed to a cheaper one, monthly fee of the more expensive plan applies for the current month.
  • Unused monthly allowance cannot be carried over to the following month.