Before traveling abroad, activate the roaming service, so that you could use voice and mobile data service outside Estonia.

  • Roaming service is available in most countries of the world
  • There is no subscription fee and no monthly fee


Roaming in the European Union

Roaming in the European Union is now 75% lower than before!

Travelling in the European Union is now even more convenient because you can use voice, messaging, and data services for a fixed price, which is 75% lower than before!

  • Per-minute rate for outgoing call is now 0,05 €
  • Per-minute rate for incoming call is now 0,011 €
  • In EU countries, messaging costs €0.024 /msg.

Enjoy roaming with Telia!

On April 30, 2016, EU roaming regulation entered into force, which sets forth that, during the transition period (until 2017/06/14), EU mobile operators may charge for roaming services using local rates with a fixed additional fee. Currently, Telia applies only one of the allowed pricing components – additional fee for outgoing and incoming calls, messaging, and data services used in roaming networks within the EU. These rates and pricing terms are listed below


In the networks of operators in the following EU and EEA countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, , Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands Regulated roaming rates are also valid in the networks of operators in the following countries and territories: Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, French Guyana, Reunion, Saint Martin, San Marino, Vatican. In Switzerland and Faroe Islands it is possible to use mobile data at regulated rates. EU roaming regulation is not valid in Monaco (for these rates, check our website).

* In Northern Cyprus operates Turkish Turkcell and the service is priced as per their price list

New roaming prices in EU

When you travel in the above mentioned countries,

  • your outgoing calls will cost €0.05 /min. Calls are billed in 1-second increments, with an initial billing period of 30 seconds per call.
  • Received calls in these countries are priced at €0.011 /min. Received calls are billed in 1-second increments,
  • In EU countries, messaging costs €0.02 /msg.
  • Mobile data costs €0.05/MB in the above mentioned EU countries. Data usage is billed in 1 kB increments per actual usage (MB).

KWhen you travel in the EU and call to a country where EU roaming rates do not apply, the calls are priced as per foreign operator's roaming price list. Depending on the country of your location and call destination, in most cases, per minute rate ranges between €0.19 and 5.

NB! These prices are not included of VAT.

How to keep mobile data costs under control when traveling in the EU?

To help you keep your mobile data costs under control, we send you a SMS notification upon reaching 100 MB (24hrs cycle). When you reach the first 100 MB, we will suspend the Internet connection until the end of the calendar day or until activation of further usage.

You can monitor your mobile data usage through the Telia Travel app. The app available for Android and iOS phones for free at Google Play and App Store.

NB! Calendar day ends at 12 AM Estonian time.

How to continue using data after the first 100 MB is used up?

When you have used up the first 100 MB of data (24hrs cycle), we send you a SMS notification with instructions on how to buy more data.

To buy more data, send a SMS "PAEV EU 5xxxxxxxx" to 9559. The 5xxxxxxx is the phone number of the SIM card of your device. For example, if you use a tablet, use the tablet's SIM card phone number.

You can also use the Telia Travel app to buy more data after the first 100 MB has been used up.

Data usage is priced as per actual usage according to your plan's rates. Additionally, you can order a Weekly Data plan (400 MB), more information is available below.

How does Telia notify you?

You can designate up to two email addresses and Telia phone numbers for receiving notifications when the first 100 MB is used up. You can also buy more data for these phone numbers. If you don't know the SIM card's phone number, you can find it through the Telia self-service.


Prices for calls made abroad differ from calls made in Estonia. The exact rate depends on roaming operator’s tariffs.


Usually there are several mobile operators in one country, and each of them has their own tariffs and pricing terms (e.g. calls are billed in increments of 1 second or 1 minute).

The roaming rates listed on our website are indicative, based on information received from foreign operators. Telia is not responsible for any changes in these rates. The billed cost of the roaming service also depends on the currency rates.

The price for calling to another foreign country while being abroad might be different from the price for calling to Estonia or local calls (indicative tariffs are available on our website). Depending of the country of destination, the per-minute rate is usually between €0.19-5/min (except when satellite connection is used). Prices for calling while abroad are not associated with tariffs for calling from Estonia to abroad.

Satellite connection is also considered roaming service. Satellite connection is mostly used on ships and planes and in uninhabited areas. Click here to view indicative roaming rates of satellite operators.

Roaming service is activated by default for those who have subscribed to a mobile service plan or swapped plans on or after March 30, 2016. If you do not want to use the roaming service, you can cancel it at the Telia self-service.


In LMT network in Latvia and Omnitel network in Lithuania you can call to Estonian service numbers and in-company short numbers just like in Estonia. For example, to call our customer care line in Latvia or Lithuania, dial 123.

To call Latvian or Lithuanian service numbers, add 0 as a prefix. For example, to call LMT’s support line 1655, dial 01655.

International emergency lines 110 and 112 do not require 0. Use these numbers if your need to contact local police or call an ambulance.

Calling Latvian and Lithuanian short numbers in Latvia and Lithuania is priced as regular calls to Estonia.

In other countries and networks you can call to Estonian short numbers only by using callback service.

Foreign short numbers (except for LMT and Omnitel) – you can call these numbers only if the foreign operator allows it. Calling foreign short numbers is much more expensive than calling regular numbers. For example, in Finland, calling 600-numbers might cost at least €6.39 /min.


In most cases, receiving calls abroad is not free.


Receiving calls abroad is not free for the receiver. Received calls are billed in 1-second increments.

Receiving calls is free for Telia customers in LMT (Latvia) and Omnitel (Lithuania) networks. In TeliaSonera network in Finland, the first minute is free, and after that, Telia’s price list applies.


If your service usage abroad might exceed your credit limit, make a prepayment, just in case.

In order to avoid restrictions in service usage, check your credit limit and service usage balance at our self-service before traveling abroad. If there is a chance that the cost of service usage abroad will result in exceeding the credit limit, make a prepayment.

You can transmit the prepayment to the same bank account where regular payments are made. Make sure to add your reference number.



The Callback service is a roaming service enabling you to order an incoming call instead of making an outgoing call. You can use the Callback service to call Estonian numbers while being abroad.

The Callback service enables you to save money while being abroad. Additionally, in most cases, the call quality is also better.

  • In most cases, it is cheaper to call a foreign number than making an outgoing call while being abroad
  • Call quality is also usually better
  • There is no subscription fee and no monthly fee

The Callback service has no subscription fee and no monthly fee

The price has two components:

  • Received call abroad (Telia price list applies);
  • Calling back to a foreign number (Callback service price list applies).

For example, using the Callback service in Ukraine:

  • Received call in Astelit Ukraine network: €1.417 /min;
  • Calling back to Ukrainian number: €0.4551 /min.

The total cost for the Callback call in Ukraine in Astelit network: €1.8721 /min. At the same time, an outgoing call would cost €3.1740 /min.

The person who made the call pays for it. The receiver does not have to pay anything. If the receiver is abroad at the time of the call, the receiver will pay for received call as per Telia’s pricelist.

Telia Callback service, per-minute rates

Region or network Per-minute rate incl. VAT
European Economic area €0.168
Russia €0.168
Europe and Ukraine €0.4551
Latvia LMT and Lithuania Omnitel €0.228
Finland TeliaSonera First minute €0.228, each following minute €0.168
Africa and Asia €0.3899
North and South America €0.7797
Former Soviet republics, Middle-East and Oceania €1.1057

The cost of receiving the call abroad is added to the above prices.

112 Estonian Rescue Board, Police, Ambulance
123 Telia customer care line
147 Telia voice mail
1181 Eesti Infokeskus
1187 Eliitinfo
1188 Infoabi
1182 Hotline
1185 Infoatlas
126 Psychological help in Estonian
127 Psychological help in Russian
1220 Estonian Family Doctor Advice Line
16363 Estonian Health Insurance Fund –customer care line
1221 SEB Bank
1250 Danske Bank
1500 Swedbank
14411 Time - in Estonian
14412 Time – in Russian
1888 Eesti Autoklubi car help 24/7

Using the Callback service is easy – simply add a prefix *111*.

For example, to call 5012345, dial *111*50123456# and press the call button.

The receiver of the Callback call sees the number as a regular number without knowing that the call was initiated abroad.

  • The receiver hears a message about the call being put through and the system will then call back the caller.
  • If the call is not answered, the caller will receive a corresponding message.

It is also possible to call a company short number. For example, dial *111*7234#.

NB! With Callback service, caller id is always visible – even when set as hidden.

The Callback service can only be used abroad for calling Estonian numbers (incl. Telia, Elisa, Tele2, etc. numbers). The service is provided by most of Telia’s roaming partners.

The Callback service is activated by default for all Telia customers.


Call Filter enables you to choose which incoming calls trigger a ringing tone. It is also possible to set Call Filter to display screen notifications about filtered calls.

Call Filter service details