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The service is meant to make any access control systems more convenient to pass for all the customers of Estonian operators – Elion, Tele2, Elisa. Additional possibilities are free of charge and offer the users various smart solutions.

  • Time/calendar based rights – the user is given the right to operate the access system for an hour, day or month.
  • SMS notification – you can send an SMS message to the user notifying him/her about the rights to operate the access system.
  • Access system logs – if you want you can order the log files based on a user or the access system (gate).
  • Access system administrator log – if you want you can get the log files about added or deleted users.
  • The access opening fees are payable by the owner of the gate – if you want you can add the fees of operating the access system to the gate owner's bill.

Ordering and fees

Title/name Fee in euros
Connection fee 0.00
Monthly fee 0.99
Fee for operating the access system (calling to the number 1895XX)
From the Telia network 0.0160
From the Telia landline network Package based fee
From the Tele2 and Elisa networks 0.0160

Terms and conditions

  • The connection fee and monthly fee are payable by the subscriber, connected to the service.
  • The main user entered into the management program pays for the operation of the device on the basis of the price list.
  • Turn to our partners to connect to the service. They will determine which access systems you wish to operate and you will be offered a full solution – gate, barriers (or other devices), electric actuator, m-Link controller with a SIM-card, installation of elements, etc
  • You will sign a contract with the partner to connect to the service. Also, the main user of the management portal is determined, who can add and delete users, determine the time profiles and see call logs.

The prices do not include VAT.

Partner Contact details
Sungate Automaatika OÜ Kadaka tee 72a, 12618 Tallinn
Phone 670 1100, Cell phone 55 580590, Fax: 670 1733,
E-mail: sungate@sungate.ee
Fagel OÜ Mäealuse 1, 12618 Tallinn
Phone 656 5390, faks: 654 3068,
E-mail: fagel@fagel.ee
Kinema OÜ Kesk tee 23, Jüri tehnopark, Rae vald 75305
Phone 659 9166, Fax: 659 9177,
E-mail: info@kinema.ee
Alion Est PL OÜ Tallinna osakond Peterburi tee 73 Tallinn 11415
Phone 6355 411, Fax: 6355 346,
E-mail: mexlem@mexlem.ee
Alion Est PL OÜ Tartu osakond Välja 3 Soinaste küla Ülenurme vald Tartumaa
Phone 730 1087, Fax: 730 1078,
E-mail: mexlem@mexlem.ee

How does the service work?

  • Each access system is assigned the four-digit short number 1895, which is followed by a two-digit device code. This can be used to open access with a phone call.
  • For instance, when you want to open a certain barrier, you have to dial the assigned short number 189511, a signal is delivered to operate the barrier and it opens.
  • The user is notified about the successful action with the voice message "Command delivered" and the call is ended automatically.
  • Access systems can be operated anywhere in Estonia no matter where you are. If necessary, you can open the gate to your company's parking lot for your colleagues, while you are somewhere else in Estonia.

Managing the system

  • The service comes with a web-based management program in the e-service, where you can add all the users' phone numbers (Telia, Tele2, Elisa) who are given the right to use the access system.
  • The management program enables to determine time limits for using the access system to each user separately or to the whole group, gives an overview of the users, devices and time limits, and allows you to check the call log to see who and when has used the access system.
  • You can enter the management programme easily via the mobile additional services page by selecting "m-Link".


  • Operation commands can be given within Estonia.
  • The device can be called with the short number 1895XX only.
  • Calls cannot be forwarded to the short number 1895XX.
  • Only the Telia M2M package SIM-card can be inserted in the controller.
  • The cell number using the m-Link service cannot receive SMS messages.
  • The user of the card M2M using the m-Link service cannot order the additional services Lühivalik (short dial), KoduKIT, or international calls.