VoIP phone allows you to restrict outgoing calls to mobile phones, landline phones, international numbers and premium rate and short numbers. More than one restrictions can be applied.

Ordering fee:

  • €0 through self-service
  • €0 from shops and through customer service

Monthly fee: €0

Controllable outgoing call barring allows you to activate and cancel call barring on your phone set by using a set PIN code. A four digit password or PIN code shall be chosen upon ordering the controllable call barring service. This is required for the activation and cancellation of call barring.

Permanent or fixed call barring can be ordered through customer service.

In order to change call barring restrictions of outgoing calls on your VoIP phone, please do the following:

Determine a PIN code:

  • Initial PIN code: 0000
  • Change PIN code: *03*PIN code*new PIN code*new PIN code#

Bar local calls:

  • Activation:*34*1*PINcode#
  • Cancellation: #34*1*PINcode#

Bar calls from mobile phones:

  • Activation:*34*2*PINcode#
  • Cancellation: #34*2*PINcode#

Bar international calls:

  • Activation:*34*3*PINcode#
  • Cancellation: #34*3*PINcode#

Bar calls from premium rate numbers:

  • Activation:*34*4*PINcode#
  • Cancellation: #34*4*PINcode#