Our story

Our mission is to further the development of society and make Estonia a better place to live and work. We are inspired by the possibility of using technology to make people’s lives easier and more convenient. We have the technological competence, unique knowledge of the customer, and investment capacity to fulfill the vision of a new generation telco.

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Our story

Today, goods are delivered with drones, documents are signed digitally, the bank is in everyone’s pocket, and TV can be ad-free. Yesterday’s dreams are today’s reality. Tomorrow is here.

Technology can make the world a simpler place, but at the same time, it is not easy to keep up with technological development. Our role is to bring the possibilities of technology to people in an accessible way. It is important that people would be able to do things they like. To decide. To choose – whether to be more productive at work, or spend more time relaxing with family and friends. We create possibilities for you to enjoy.

Although our company is based on technology, it is our people who make it work. People driven by curiosity. People who dare to try things that haven’t been tried before. We are driven by our customers’ needs. Telecommunication means communication between people. And a part of communication is about listening, because only then we are able to offer each and every customer what they need.

Telia Estonia is a special place to work at – we are like an innovation lab or a start-up constantly trying out and implementing new things. Estonia has been and continues to be a springboard for many solutions that make people’s lives easier and more convenient.

Everything is based on quality and trust. We have earned the trust of our customers because we value quality. We treasure the trust and continue to set high standards for ourselves.

We have so many ways to make life in Estonia better!

Our practices

Our aim is conduct our business responsibly. Here you can find the important guidelines approved by our owners and followed by our company.

Responsible Business Forum in Estonia rewarded Telia Eesti with the highest quality label – the golden level – recognising the company's fair, informed and environmentally friendly activity. The quality label is awarded to companies who participated in Estonian CSR Index, value sustainable development of their company and contribute to the development of social and natural environment strategically.

Responsible Business Conduct

Responsible Business Conduct

The mission of Telia Eesti is to contribute to the development of society, making Estonia a better place to live and work in. In order to achieve this Telia has responsible business conduct as one of its priorities.

Our principles of responsible business conduct are laid down in Telia's Code of Responsible Business Conduct.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Telia Eesti aims to conduct business responsibly and does not accept corruption in any from. We work hard to be transparent in our business.

We follow Telia Company's Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy.

Sponsorship and Donations

Instruction for the Group's Sponsorship and Donations

We would like Estonia to be an even greater place to live and work in. This is why we support education and innovation, help improve our digital society, and contribute to Estonian culture and music events. Find information on our support projects here.

We follow Telia Company's Instruction for Sponsorship and Donations.

Customer Privacy

Customer Privacy

We value our clients highly and want to ensure the safety and security of their data.

We follow the Telia Company’s Custmer Privacy Policy.

Freedom of expression in the field of telecommunications

Freedom of expression in the field of telecommunications

We work hard in order to protect the client's right to freedom of expression and to minimize the risk of infringement of that fundamental right.

We follow Telia Company’s general Policy for Freedom of Expression in Telecommunications.

Responsible Procurement

Responsible Procurement

Our suppliers are an important part of our value chain. Through cooperation with our business partners we aim to foster relationships and ensure accordance with standards, thus creating sustainable supply chain.

We follow Telia Company's Procurement Policy.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

We contribute to modern working environment and culture and want to raise work health and safety awareness in our society. We provide all our employees and partners with safe and secure working environment.

We follow Telia Company's Occupational Healt and Safety Policy.

Since 2016 we hold the OHSAS 18001 certificate applying to entire company's activities.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

We value green thinking and environmentally aware approach. We provide our clients with environmentally friendly products and services and implement novel solutions. We avoid polluting the environment and reduce the impact of our activities.

We follow Telia Company's Environmental Policy.

Since 2013 we hold the ISO 14001 certificate in the field of sales, supply, installation and follow-up service of IT-devices for business clients.

  • ISO 14001 certificate - EST / ENG
Quality Management

Quality Management

  • We value our clients' opinions and feedback. We raise customer satisfaction via effective working methods and customer-orientation.
  • We assure a complete and structured management system based on constant improvement, helping the company to achieve its strategic goals.
  • We develop our products and services according to our clients' needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Our common values support the company's sustainable development.

We follow Telia Company's Quality Policy.

The main principles have been laid down in the Management System Manual.

Since 2005 we hold the ISO 9001 certificate.

Principles of action in Estonia for safer mobile use by children and young people

Principles of action in Estonia for safer mobile use by children and young people

We want to guarantee a safe mobile use to children and young people and have therefore adopted the principles of operations for the safe mobile use by children and young people.

Learn more from here.

Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic Field

It is important for us to ensure our products, services and networks comply with local and international electromagnetic field standards.

We adhere to Telia Company’s Elektromagnetic Fields Policy.

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Management Board of
Telia Eesti

Dan Strömberg
Chairman of the Management Board

Tarmo Kärsna
Head of B2B

Janika Kuusik
Human Resources Director

Kadir Kale

Kati Vabi
Head of eCommerce & Marketing

Holger Haljand
Head of Residential Customer Business

Kirke Saar

Kristiina Maasik
Director of Legal Affairs

Katrin Isotamm
Head of Communications

Ene Raja
Head of Customer Channels

Supervisory Board of Telia Eesti

Henriette Wendt
Head of Supervisory Board

Johan Andersson
Member of the Supervisory Board

Claes Nykander
Member of the Supervisory Board

International company

We are part of the international Telia Company Group.

Telia Company Group is one of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies, which is increasingly operating as a single company for the benefit of its customers. This also gives the customers the advantage of being a customer of the Group’s companies while abroad, when dealing with the other companies in the Group.

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Telia Company has a comprehensive strategy across the whole group, but in different countries companies operate based on individual market needs.

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