We would like Estonia to be an even greater place to live and work in. This is why we support education and innovation, help improve our digital society, and contribute to Estonian culture and music events.

We also invite our clients to take part in various events and often offer discounts to do so. Check out our partner offers here.

Telia Company has established a framework of Digital Impact in order to support sustainable development

We encourage our employees to do contribute as a volunteer to improve Estonian digital society. To this end, Telia provides one paid workday for all employees annually under the YOUNITE volunteer initiative. Telia employees have used this opportunity to carry out hour of code activities with children, talk about smart security and cyberbullying, advise the elderly in using smart devices in elderly day centres, help digitalise materials at the National Library and much more.


In 2017, we launched the Greatest Courage (#suurimjulgus) communication campaign against cyberbullying in cooperation with the Estonian Union for Child Welfare, Ministry of Education and Research and several other cooperation partners. The aim of the campaign is to notice, address and prevent cyberbullying. The main message of the Greatest Courage campaign is that bullying – in particular anonymous cyberbullying – does not require any courage. The greatest courage is to stand up against bullying and offer support to those who are unable to defend themselves. The campaign does not point fingers, punish or shame. The focal point of the campaign is its web page suurimjulgus, which holds all necessary information on the topic.

We support technology related hobby education and help launch new SmartLabs every year in cooperation with the Look@World Foundation. In 2016/2017, about 2,700 children participated in 194 hobby classes organised at SmartLabs and an additional 2,100 kids took part in other similar initiatives (robotics or programming workshops, etc.). The plan for the 2017/2018 academic year is to open 50–70 new SmartLabs, thereby giving another 1,000 children the opportunity to participate in SmartLabs’ hobby classes.

Starting from September 2016, we invite schools, in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and the Estonian Informatics Teachers’ Union, to participate in the project “Smart lessons at every school!” as part of the Estonia 100 initiative. Schools are encouraged to use digital equipment and share information on how digital tools help to teach or learn. 200 different schools and educational institutions have joined the initiative, contributing altogether 2,500 posts introducing their smart lessons and smart teachers. This exciting initiative is something to tell your children’s school about so that they could participate as well.

For an extensive period of time, we have been collaborating with universities, helping to create lecture courses and open specialised laboratories (e.g. app-testing lab at Mektory and the IoT lab established in cooperation with the University of Tartu), and we will continue supporting excellent ICT students with scholarships.


We have supported and will continue to support several IT and entrepreneurship conferences.

In order to to keep up with the events of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, Telia created an Estonia 100 smart application as well as a webpage as a gift, which you can use to gain an overview of Estonia’s centenary celebrations in Estonia and the rest of the world until 02.02.2020 (programme is constantly being updated), draw up your own programme and follow news and media coverage of Estonia 100 events. During Estonia 100 opening events in the Spring of 2017, over 30,000 people from all over the world announced that they hold Estonia in their heart via the Estonia 100 app. Numerous other interactive innovations and possibilities for keeping up with Estonia’s centenary celebrations are to be launched within the Estonia 100 app during the year.

Telia VUNK accelerator was established in 2015 in cooperation with Garage48 and Startup Wise Guys. Its objective is to improve Estonia’s business environment by offering interested parties an opportunity to test their business ideas under the programme and develop their ideas together with well-known and recognised mentors.


Promoting Estonian culture and music has been an important focus for Telia for quite some time now. We have been a main sponsor of Tallinn Music Week, an event that has become a stepping stone for talented young musicians, as well as a sponsor of Viljandi Folk Music Festival for several years now.

Telia has received the ‘Culture Friend of the Year’ award and the title of ‘Music-Friendly Company of the Year’.


The greatest courage is to help.