MINU.TV home

MINU.TV Home is now also available where the cable doesn’t reach. It doesn’t matter which service provider’s internet you use as long as you are in Estonia.

MINU.TV main package includes:

MINU.TV Home service can be used with another service’ provider’s Internet connection. MINU.TV Home costs 6 €/month.



Over 20 Popular Basic Channels

Watch over 20 TV channels and shows whenever it is most convenient for you. You can watch TV live, or on demand.

Telia’s Internet connection gives you access to TV3 and TV6 channels.

Kid's corner

Kids' Corner has all the children's favorites from Shaun the Sheep to Masha and The Bear in one place.


NBA, Eurosport 1 and 2, and Setanta Sports bring exciting sports events to your home.


You can watch shows, movies, and TV series aired during the past two weeks as many times as you want, whenever you want.


You can pick your favorite movie from the movie shelf and you can binge watch popular TV series at any time. Each week, 7 new movies are added to the big shelf.


The new way of watching TV shows is free for Telia TV and MINU.TV Home customers.

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In order to watch Telia TV, you
will need a set-top box and a remote

4G router

Set-top box


Rent (terms and conditions) 4,99 € 1,99 € Free with Set-top box
Purchase 169 € 99 € 13 €

ZyXel LTE3311 - router intended for the Telia 4G Home Internet

The best router based on 4G technology specifically for the use of unlimited Internet service. The device enables the use of a permanent connection type service where the cable cannot reach – the speed of the connection depends on the chosen package. Make a WiFi hotspot with your router and use the connection on all your devices. In order to ensure a stabile connection, we advise using the Rantelon Nelli-0727 panel antenna included in our accessories.

How to connect the router?

What should I do if my home WiFi connection is not stable?

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You need a set-top box to watch Telia TV and MINU.TV at your home. The Arrise set-top box operates even through walls and cupboards. Thus, it does not have to be visible in your home.

How to connect the set-top box to the TV?

How to connect the remote to the TV?

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In addition to the menu with a convenient option of moving up and down, you can also change channels by pressing the numbers on the remote. If you connect the remote to the Arrise set-top box, it will operate even through walls and cupboards. Thus, it does not have to be visible in your home.

You can configure the remote to turn the TV on and off – thus, you will only need one remote to use the TV. In addition, the TV will notify you on the screen when the batteries of the remote are emptying. This will allow you to order new batteries to your house via mail.

The suitable remote is free of charge when purchased together with the set-top box, the separate price of the remote is €13. We offer the remote for a special price of €5 until 31 December 2016.

How to use the Telia TV remote?

General information on the Telia TV remote.

How to connect the remote to the TV?

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Order MINU.TV Home

  • Popular TV channels
  • Films and series by seasons
  • Commercial-free video-on-demand
  • TV monthly free starting from 6 €

You need a Telia router and Internet connection for the TV to work. MINU.TV home service can be used with an internet connection from another service provider.

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