Additional TV services

Add a twist to your daily TV watching with extras: watch and record your favourites, order movies from Video Rental, and much more!

From 3 €/month

If you at least have the Mini Plan, you can also buy all the extras (except for the National Geographic environment) separately.


  • Every plan already includes a selection of free extras

  • HBO, Kids’ Corner, and FOX NOW

  • The last 2 weeks of TV content are always available

  • A new selection of movies every week in the Content Finder

Each Telia TV plan always includes the FOX NOW environment and a selection of free movies and series in the Content Finder. You can get the National Geographic environment in the Standard Plan and Family Plan at no extra cost. In addition you can order Recording, HBO, and Kids’ Corner, if you want.


Play slots

Play slots make it possible to watch TV on several screens simultaneously. Every plan has a certain number of .

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Always included in every plan

Inspira channel
on Telia TV-s

Inspira is Telia's own TV channel that offers exciting and inspiring entertainment. Only visible to Telia TV customers!

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Movies and series in the Content Finder

The Content Finder brings together all the content Telia TV has to offer, so you can find what interests you in a quick and easy manner!

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Conveniently catch up on high-quality FOX and FOX Life series by episode or season, and commercial-free.

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Play slots

Every Telia TV plan has at least 2 play slots, from which you can watch TV at the same time. You can also subscribe to additional play slots if you want.

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TV plans and channels

TV plans

Select the TV plan that suits you best: The Family Plan, with 110+ channels; the Standard Plan, with 40+ channels; or the Mini Plan, with 20+ channels. You can always conveniently buy additional services.

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TV channels

Conveniently subscribe to your favourite channels in a single plan, be it sports, music or news. If you do not want to have a bigger TV plan, you can also add theme plans and pick-and-pay channels to your existing TV plan.

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