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Mailbox and Group Work Service

This comprehensive information exchange solution, which makes teamwork in your company more efficient and flexible.

  • Every employee has their own personal folders for emails, calendar, work tasks and contacts.
  • Regardless on the plan, this service includes a joint address book, calendar for plans and resources, as well as an option to share personal folders with colleagues.
  • Contacts, calendar, tasks and emails are all accessible from a computer and a smart device.

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This plan is meant for companies that need a calendar, address book and task folders with their mailbox solution, but to whom it is not important whether their employees can share data with one another. This plan does not include the Outlook synchronisation function; instead, it incorporates the OWA browser. An account can be accessed by using IMAP and POP3 protocols, which enable only the use of email synchronisation on the computer.

1 GB of data per account.
Monthly fee for one user account€ 5,11


This plan lets users share a calendar, email folders, address book and work tasks. With a standard account, a user is able to share their calendar, email folders address book and work tasks with everyone else. Emails can be synchronised on other mobile devices as well.

25 GB of data per account.
Monthly fee for one user account:€7,67


In addition to the functions listed under the Standard plan, this plan also includes the right to use Outlook on your computer. You will be able to install Microsoft Outlook or Entourage (latest version) on your computer.

25 GB of data per account.
Monthly fee for one user account:€9,59

The Mailbox and Group Work Service makes it easy and convenient to use the joint resources of your company.

  • Employees can set meetings quickly and without hassle.
  • Emails can be accessed securely from any computer connected to the internet.
  • The service allows for receiving and reading emails on smartphones.
  • Data and emails are stored on a central server.

The functions of this service are comparable to those of Google Apps or Office 365, however, due to a more versatile interface, the service is tailored for both computers and smartphones.

Group work options:

  • sharing e-mail folders
  • sharing work tasks and contacts
  • joint calendars and resources
  • documents across the entire organisation

The service also enables data synchronisation with different powerful software and mobile devices, such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc.

Emails and other data is stored on central servers, which can be accessed regardless of your location in the world, and daily backup copies are made of all data.

Instructions for using the Mailbox and Group Work Service can be found on the Service support website.

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The monthly fee of the service depends on the plan and number of user accounts.

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