Extra SIM

With the Extra SIM service, you can share the Internet data from your Business Mobile plan with a SIM-enabled laptop or tablet computer. Enjoy a stable Internet connection when you are travelling around Estonia and the rest of the EU.

From € 3/month + VAT

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  • High-quality and secure 4G Internet

  • Share your mobile plan between up to 5 devices

  • A stable connection that does not depend on WiFi networks

Extra SIM
  • Always connected using your laptop or tablet computer, anywhere

    With the Extra SIM, you can browse the web with all your devices, without having to worry about whether a WiFi or a hotspot is available at your location. This solution is suitable for a person who is often on the go and wants to stay connected regardless of location.

  • Share the data from your mobile plan

    The Internet data included in your mobile plan can be shared between up to 5 devices. The monthly fee for the Extra SIM service for one device is €3 + VAT, and Mobile Internet can be used to the full extent of the plan.

  • Sharing Internet with a router

    If your device does not have the ability to use a SIM card, but you still wish to share your Internet connection, then a router will help.

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How to join the Extra SIM service

  1. Choose a number

    Select the existing phone number in the Business Mobile plan for which you wish to add the Extra SIM, or join the Mobile Business plan in the self-service.
  2. Add a user or device

    Add a new user or device to the plan in the self-service under plan details.
  3. Start using the Extra SIM

    The ordered Extra SIM will reach you within a couple of days, and after installing it in the device, you can start using the Internet.

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