Extra SIM

With the Extra SIM service, you can share the Internet data from your Business Mobile plan with a SIM-enabled laptop or tablet computer. Enjoy a stable Internet connection when you are travelling around Estonia and the rest of the EU.

From € 3/month + VAT

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  • High-quality and secure 4G Internet

  • Share your mobile plan between up to 5 devices

  • A stable connection that does not depend on WiFi networks

Extra SIM

Always connected using your laptop or tablet computer, anywhere

With the Extra SIM, you can browse the web with all your devices, without having to worry about whether a WiFi or a hotspot is available at your location. This solution is suitable for a person who is often on the go and wants to stay connected regardless of location.

Share the data from your mobile plan

The Internet data included in your mobile plan can be shared between up to 5 devices. The monthly fee for the Extra SIM service for one device is €3 + VAT, and Mobile Internet can be used to the full extent of the plan.

Sharing Internet with a router

If your device does not have the ability to use a SIM card, but you still wish to share your Internet connection, then a router will help.

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How to join the Extra SIM service

  1. Choose a number

    Select the existing phone number in the Business Mobile plan for which you wish to add the Extra SIM, or join the Mobile Business plan in the self-service.
  2. Add a user or device

    Add a new user or device to the plan in the self-service under plan details.
  3. Start using the Extra SIM

    The ordered Extra SIM will reach you within a couple of days, and after installing it in the device, you can start using the Internet.

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