Telia hire purchase

Using Telia hire purchase allows you to make purchases without a large one-time cost; it allows you to pay for products in instalments, at a pace that suits you.

You can buy the devices you want together with the required communications service, and use the option to rent devices. Business customers may use the convenient leasing service.

Enter the self-service

Clear and fast

A response to your Telia hire purchase application will come in a few moments.

Applying for hire purchase and receiving a response is fast and easy. You can take a look at the terms and conditions of personal offers in the self-service, such as interest rate, contract fee and available credit limit.


Manage your contracts in the self-service. There is no fee for terminating a contract.

In self-service, you can view the payment schedules for the hire purchases you have entered into, and the outstanding sums. If you wish, you can also terminate your hire purchase agreement prematurely. Doing so will not result in any additional fees or future interest. Upon termination, the remainder of the hire purchase amount shall be transferred to your next periodic bill.

You will also find an overview of your available credit limit in the self-service. When you use Telia hire purchase, your available credit limit increases by the amount of each monthly payment.

Always available.

We are close to you across Estonia and available 24/7 in many e-shops.

You can apply for Telia hire purchase at the nearest Telia shop and the e-shop, and the shops and e-shops of our partners. If you have a valid hire purchase agreement, then please address all questions related to the goods, such as the process for returning goods and warranty service, to the seller of the goods. If you have any other questions, such as changing your billing address or transferring your contract to another person, please visit an Telia shop. Use our self-service to prematurely terminate a contract.

Telia hire purchase is suitable for you, if:

  • You are a permanent adult resident of Estonia
  • You have a stable income (minimum of €300 per month)
  • Your current financial obligations allow you to take on an additional hire purchase

Telia hire purchase possibilities:

  • Purchase up to €3,200 worth of goods
  • Using hire purchase, you can buy devices starting from €75
  • There is no contract fee in our e-shop
  • The hire purchase period is flexible, 12-48 months
  • The interest rate is up to 21.9% and the contract fee starts at 9.90€ (above 150 € the contract fee is 15,90 €).
  • If you wish, you can repay the hire purchase prematurely without any additional costs and future interest.

How to apply for hire purchase at Telia stores and with our retail partners

  1. Pick a product you wish to buy on hire purchase
  2. Prove your identity by providing ID card or passport; fill out the hire purchase application
  3. The customer service assistant will submit the data for approval. You will get an answer right away.
    • If the answer is positive, review the terms and sign the hire purchase agreement
    • The customer service assistant may ask for your bank statement

How to apply for hire purchase at the Telia online store and with our online partners

  1. Log in to self-service portal and review hire purchase terms. If you are not yet a customer, you can easily create an account. Signing up does it commit you to anything.
  2. Pick a product at the online store, add it to the cart, and select Telia hire purchase as a payment option.
  3. Fill out the online hire purchase application. The system will give you an answer right away.
  4. If the answer is positive, review the terms and choose your payment period and first down payment.
  5. Review the information sheet and hire purchase contract. Sign the contract, and, if necessary, print it out. You can view the contract later at the self-service portal.


The price must be a number The price must be at least 75 Amount cannot be higher than €5,000 The minimal financed amount is € 75
Down payment must be smaller with these conditions
Contract fee cannot be higher than 100
Interest rate has not been set Interest rate must be a number Interest rate cannot be higher than 35%

Down payment: 0.00
Annual percentage rate of charge: 26.1%

Monthly payment: 48 x €19.37

View your credit limit

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Can be used across Estonia

  • In Telia shops
  • In Telia e-shop
  • At various partners

Antista AS
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reg.kood 10126096

reg.kood 10051286

Expert Eesti OÜ
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Payment options

  • Set
  • Rent
  • Operating lease

  • The set suits you if you want to pay for the service and product together, in one monthly payment. The terms and conditions offered for a set may be cheaper than if the product and service were paid for separately. Along with the service, you can pick up a cell phone, tablet and laptop computer. After the final payment, the device will belong to you.
  • If you want to use our TV service without purchasing a device, you can rent a digibox and router. This is a suitable solution if you appreciate convenience. During the lease period, we will be responsible for the operating state of the device even when the official warranty period has ended. A lease agreement can be terminated without any extra obligations, whenever you want. Leased devices can be picked up here..
  • If you are a business customer, you can take advantage of operational leasing. The device is assigned a residual value, at which you can either return the device to us at the end of the leasing period or purchase it. Read more about operational lease options here..

Business customers can purchase devices with a lease.

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We care and want to help

Hire purchase is a financial obligation. Prior to entering into a hire purchase agreement, weigh your decision carefully and review the terms and conditions of the contract.
Ask our experts for advice.


123 Customer service (information on services and ordering)
Calling from abroad: +372 639 7130

The annual percentage rate is 26.5% under the following sample conditions: the price of the product when paying immediately is €500; contract fee €15.90; consumer credit agreement with a duration of 48 months; fixed interest calculated each month on the remainder of the loan 21.9%. The sum repaid by the consumer is €779.04, which includes: payment of €500 for the product; interest of €263.14 and a contract fee of €15.90. This is an advertisement for a financial service. The provider of hire purchase is Telia Eesti AS. Prior to concluding the transaction, review the specific terms and conditions of the repayment and, if necessary, consult an expert.