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Device storage

Would you like to accommodate your servers securely at a service provider who has the longest experience in Estonia? We offer the accommodation, building and management of your company's servers as one of our most valuable services.

  • We manage mission-critical server rooms with a total area of more than 1,800 m2 in addition to 1,500 network nodes all over Estonia.
  • The security and management procedures meet the highest standards.
  • We service Swedbank, SEB, Danske Bank, Certification Center, LHV Pank and many others.

Telecom hotel

The standard service of device accommodation at class A, B or C device rooms all over Estonia. Suitable for business customers and communication operators with different needs.

Accommodate your expensive devices in specially constructed rooms.

The device accommodation service gives you a place for installing a device in a device box in class A, B or C rooms belonging to AS Eesti Telia, which offers services under the trade mark Telia (hereinafter Telia). You can accommodate servers, network devices or install an antenna on an Telia tower or on a building belonging to Telia.

In the device accommodation rooms we ensure:

  • Highly reliable electric current which provides enough power.
  • Stable climatic conditions
  • Maximum security with manned guarding

We ensure a technical infrastructure, which enables access to the main Elion network and fast and high-quality data connection networks.

Special solutions for device accommodation

For customers who have higher requirements for the management and security of the accommodation environment. Suitable for financial institutions, insurance agencies and the providers of vital services.

Server room as a service

For customers whose business needs a separate physical room that meets certain requirements. Suitable for large and international companies.

Services and fees

There are three types of installation sites based on the space and service zone requirements:

  • A site for a shelf or box on the wall (it is possible to reserve a spot for installation).
  • A site for installation for a device box with one-sided access.
  • A site for installation for a device box with two-sided access.

A place for a device in a device box
An installation site for a device in a lockable box belonging to Telia and meeting ETSI standards. A device box can store devices owned by different customers.

Server storage
You want to install your server in an Elion device box (in a device storage room with the required technical prerequisites) and the server needs a connection with an IP network.

Antenna sites
You want to install your telecommunications device – an antenna with the additional device – on an Telia tower or a building belonging to Telia.

Additional services for device storage
We offer additional and backup electricity supply. You can also rent an Telia device storage box to install your devices.

Internet connection for device storage
It involves the possibility to use symmetrical Internet connection via different types of Ethernet interfaces.

Device storage price list

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