Equipment hosting

Host your company’s servers safely with Estonia’s most experienced service provider. In addition, we offer the construction and management of servers.

  • We manage mission-critical server rooms with a total surface area of over 1,800 m2
  • Over 1,500 network nodes in Estonia
  • Security and handling procedures meet the highest standards


Standard equipment hosting service in Telia category A, B or C equipment rooms throughout Estonia. Suitable for business customers and telecommunications operators with a wide range of needs.

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Special solutions for equipment hosting

Designed for customers with heightened requirements for the availability and security of the hosting environment. Suitable for financial institutions, insurance companies and providers of vital services.

Server room as a service

Designed for customers who need more secluded space that meets specific business requirements. Suitable for large and cross-border companies.

Services and pricing

According to the size of the surface and service zone required for the installation of the equipment cabinet, three types of installation sites are distinguished:

  • Wall shelf, cupboard installation site (installation site can be reserved)
  • One-sided access equipment cabinet installation site
  • Double-sided access equipment cabinet installation site

Device location in an Equipment Cabinet

Installation site of the device in a lockable equipment cabinet according to the ETSI standard belonging to Telia. Equipment cabinet can contain devices from multiple customers.

Server hosting

The server is installed in Telia’s equipment cabinet (in the equipment hosting rooms with the corresponding technical preparation) and it is connected to the IP network.

Antenna installation site

Installation of your telecommunications equipment, e.g. antenna and associated accessory, on the Telia mast or on a building belonging to Telia

Additional services for equipment hosting

We offer complementary and duplicate power supply options. You can also rent a Telia equipment cabinet to install your equipment.

Internet access to equipment hosting

Includes the possibility to use symmetrical Internet connection via different types of Ethernet interfaces.

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