Uninterrupted Wi-Fi across the office

Add a Wi-Fi service to your fixed wired connection, so you that you can use high-quality wireless internet anywhere in the office.

It is possible to create different Wi-Fi networks for employees and clients.

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  • Business class devices included in the monthly fee

  • Installation and set-up by an expert technician

  • Up to 4 networks for staff and clients

  • Free IT support and remote management

The service is suitable for businesses of any size, providing uninterrupted WiFi in the office, café, warehouse, workshop or outdoors, if necessary. If you want, you can set up an additional network for your clients, securely separated from the staff WiFi network.

Choose a suitable service

Smart Wifi

Regular price: 6 €/month + VAT

There is no subscription fee

  • Suitable for home and small offices (1–2 employees)

  • Up to 2 separate Wi-Fi networks

  • Sign-in with one general password

  • Wi-Fi devices and service are managed by the client

  • Devices are installed to an open area

Office WiFi

Regular price: 12 €/month + VAT

There is no subscription fee

  • Suitable for larger offices (3+ employees)

  • up to 4 protected or public networks

  • More secure sign-in with user-specific passwords

  • Wi-Fi devices and service are managed by the Telia

  • Devices are installed on the ceiling or wall

Special solution

from 14 €/month + VAT

Subscription fee according to the project

  • Specialised world-class WiFi solutions for businesses that require high-quality. View more

Comparison of services and devices

Smart WIFI


Office WiFi

HP Aruba

Special solution

HP Aruba
ManufacturerAirTiesHewlett Packard EnterpriseHewlett Packard Enterprise
DeviceAir4930 set with three WiFi base stationsAruba AP-303Aruba AP-505 and other models as required
Dimensions100 x 108.4 x 41.5 mm150 x 150 x 35 mm 260g160 x 161 x 37 mm 500g
WiFi standard802.11ac802.11ac802.11ax
Speedup to 867 Mb/sup to 867 Mb/sfrom 1,201 Mb/s WiFi6 generation
Power supply24V PassivePoE or 12V adapterPoE or 12V adapter
PropertiesFor indoor useFor indoor useDifferent models for indoor and outdoor use
Estimated coverage200 m2122 m2 (per 1 device)According to the solution
More information The rental service of a set of WiFi hotspots allows you to extend the coverage area with three AirTies devices throughout the building. With a convenient mobile app, you can set up, manage, and monitor networks yourself. Suitable for smaller office spaces with up to 10 devices using the network. Allows you to configure 2 separate networks: private and public. Managed WiFi service. Telia specialists will install and configure the WiFi device or devices, creating a secure wireless network for employees and guests alike. You do not have to worry about equipment, you only pay a monthly fee and we keep your network up and running. We use world-class Hewlett Packard devices. Managed special solution service, wireless WiFi networks according to your needs in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Our experienced specialists design, build, and manage the most secure and fastest wireless networks. We use world-class Hewlett Packard Enterprise Aruba devices that are right for your solution.

How to join?

  1. Subscribe or send a request

    You can subscribe to Smart WiFi directly from the online environment of Telia; for other services send us a request. We will make an offer within one working day of receiving your request.
  2. Sign the contract

    When you subscribe to Smart WiFi from the online environment of Telia, you also sign a contract. For other services, we will sign a contract with you once the offer has been approved.
  3. Agree on the installation of devices

    When you subscribe to Smart WiFi from the online environment of Telia, you can choose to have the device installed by a technician or have it delivered to you and installed by yourself. For other services, we will install the devices in your office at an agreed time.


For service support, modification, termination, and fault reporting, please call our customer service on 1551

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