Thousands of Homes Receive TV Over Mobile Network

Thousands of homes in Estonia where cable or broadband does not reach receive TV over mobile network.
In the beginning of 2014, 4G Home Internet service was launched. The service provides stable internet connection with unlimited data over 4G mobile network. 4G Home Internet also brought consumers the MINU.TV Home service, which enables to watch TV over mobile network.
In just a little over a year, MINU.TV service has received approximately 7,000 subscriptions. MINU.TV brings subscribers 30 TV channels, as well as several add-on services: free Movie Shelf, FOXplay, Kid’s Corner, and Recording.
“4G Home Internet and MINU.TV at Home have quickly become popular, and in order to meet customers’ needs, we added capacity in more than two hundred 4G base stations,“ said Ermo Polma, Manager of Radio Network at Telia Estonia.
MINU.TV Home is available over mobile network in all counties in Estonia, and hundreds of families have subscribed to the service. MINU.TV Home has the most users in Harju, Tartu, Pärnu, and Rapla counties.
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