Telia Eesti to Use Sigfox Technology to Bring IoT Closer to Customers

On March 27, Telia Eesti AS and Connected Baltics OÜ signed an agreement, which makes Telia Estonia the first company in Estonia to obtain the right to use Sigfox’s technology. Sigfox’s technology enables to connect thousands of devices and sensors online, thus making it possible to bring Internet of Things (IoT) closer to Telia customers.

The cooperation between Telia and Connected Baltics OÜ, enables Telia to start using Sigfox’s IoT communication technology in Telia’s IoT customer solutions.

“Our goal is to provide the best services to our customers, and Sigfox’s technology gives us the right tool to do that. Sigfox technology uses radio signals to transmit very small amounts of data, for example a few bytes, and this is the data amount that many IoT solutions require. The advantage of Sigfox’s technology is that it requires very little energy and the sensors can run on batteries for a very long time, up to 10 years,“ said Toomas Kärner, IoT Business Area Manager at Telia Estonia.

“I would like to give an example of Sigfox’s IoT technology use. We are used to the fact that electricity readings are transmitted automatically, but it is also possible to transmit water readings automatically. Because hydrometers do not use electricity, it would be possible to use Sigfox’s battery-powered sensors for sending the readings over the Internet. In fact, there are a large number of areas where this technology can be used. In Telia, our work focuses on developing the most useful and best solutions for our customers. We use different technologies to create the best solutions – in addition to Sigfox’ low-energy consuming broadband technology, we also use fast connection technologies (fiber optics and various DSL technologies) and mobile solutions (2G, 3G, 4G). We hope to launch several new innovative IoT solutions very soon“.

Connected Baltics OÜ is the first nationwide IoT-operator in Estonia, and exclusive Sigfox Network Operator, the world’s leading provider of LPWA IoT network technology, enabling millions of smart devices to connect directly to the internet, with the most energy and cost.

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