Estonia Enters the Gigabit Era with Telia

On March 15, Telia will become the first telecoms operator in Estonia to offer future proof home internet plan which enables download and upload speeds of up to 1 Gbps.
During the first phase, 1 Gbps speed will become available to 40,000 customers who will be able to increase their internet speed through the Telia self-service portal. In the future, 1 Gbps speed will be available to 300,000 households in Estonia.
“This step will take us closer to one of Telia’s goals – Gigabit Society. We will develop and expand the Telia’s Future Network, which is based on fiber optics, everywhere in Estonia where it is economically viable. Today the fiber optics cable reaches 300,000 addresses in Estonia, and this number is constantly growing,“ said Kirke Saar, CTO at Telia Estonia.
1 Gbps speed in the company’s product portfolio is a step towards the future, because the number of devices used in domestic households is constantly growing. At homes, the peak time is evening when many devices are online, and that is when fastest possible speed is most needed to ensure the best usage experience.
According to Toivo Praakel, Network Development Director at Telia Estonia, already today, in many homes people are using various smart devices for working, playing, listening to music, and watching HD channels on 2-3 devices - and all this is done simultaneously
„Additionally, people are increasingly using devices which need the best internet connection to provide high-quality user experience, for example, 4K or 8K content, but also virtual reality solutions that will soon enter our daily lives. VR requires fast upload speeds, and we are able to provide it through our fiber optics network,“ Praakel added.
However, Telia focuses not only on the development of the Future Network, but also on upgrading its copper-based network. Thus, one of the important steps is replacing ADSL-technology that has served Telia’s customers since the turn of the century. Telia plans to migrate its ADSL customers to fiber optics network, VDSL2+ and G.Fast, or radio wave based F4G technology by 2020.
Telia is the only telecoms operator in Estonia to offer symmetrical speeds in its Future Network, which means that download and upload speeds are the same in Telia’s network.

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