Unique Humanoid Robot Pepper Welcomes Visitors at Telia’s New Headquarters

Hansab delivered an innovative registration system to Telia’s new headquarters along with a humanoid robot who Pepper assists visitors in using the system.

Social communication robot Pepper receives guests, helps to perform registration tasks and announces visitors in the customer area at Telia’s new office building. In the future, additional entertaining and informative features will be added to Pepper, i.e. ability to provide information on Telia’s products.

According to Priit Ivanov, Head of Innovations at Hansab Group, Pepper is unique in the Baltic countries.

“Robotics is becoming a part of our daily lives, and Hansab has set out to develop the field of robotics in our home markets. Today we are focusing on customer experience and Pepper is the first logical step in this field. These kinds of solutions help to make certain business processes more efficient,“ commented Ivanov.

According to Priit Ivanov, humanoid robot is not meant to replace human workers. “We can use robots to make services more efficient freeing people to focus on more complex tasks.“

Katre Liiberg, Head of Retail at Telia Estonia, added that Pepper (or its siblings) can soon be seen at different Telia stores where it will be communicating with customers and registering queues.
Pepper, manufactured by Softbank Robotics, is the first robot who is able to identify human emotions and speaking manner, and adjust its communication style accordingly. Pepper’s main field of use is administration of offices, introduction of products at stores, check-in assistance at airports, queue systems and entertainment. In addition to business applications, Pepper is also popular as a domestic entertainer.
Softbank Robotics has sold over 10,000 Pepper robots to more than 2,000 companies across the world.

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