Telia to Launch First 5G Test Network in Estonia

Telia and Tallink are testing the possibilities of 5G mobile technology onboard Tallink ship in September.

5G radio network has been built on Tallink’s cruise ship Silja Europa. The 5G network will replace the fiber optic cable that is connected with the ship upon docking with the purpose of improving the connectivity during increased data traffic that occurs when the ship is docked.

Previous tests show that 5G technology is perfect for handling large data traffic. Additionally, excellent connectivity is available throughout the ship when it enters the port’s waters, i.e. before the ship is actually docked.

Because 5G terminal devices do not yet exist, the ship’s Wi-Fi network is used to provide access to the network on Silja Europa. The initial goal was to reach speeds of at least 500 Mbps for download and 100 Mbps for upload, but the actual 5G speeds were much higher. The 5G network itself is a temporary solution and meant for testing purposes only.

“As far as we know, we are one of the first in the world who have rolled 5G out to actual users, thereby enabling thousands of Tallink customers to use the lightning fast network. It is also noteworthy that all 5G tests have been done by using a terminal that is not stationery,” said Dan Strömberg, CEO at Telia Estonia.

Dan Strömberg added that the collaboration with various partners is a big step towards launching commercial 5G solutions in Estonia already next year.

”Tallink already uses IT infrastructure which is in many ways the most advanced among today’s technology. At the same time, the constant development of Tallink’s business models, increasing needs of our customers and the overall trend of digitalization forces us to focus on the possibilities of tomorrow. This gives and know-how and skills to include future developments in our development plans,” said Tõnu Liik, Chief Information Officer at Tallink.

”Participating in the 5G project and other similar projects helps us to influence the development of new technology in Estonia in collaboration with our partners. It also often enables us to be among the first to adopt new technologies in Estonia. This will result in a better customer experience, which is very important to us,” Tõnu Liik added.

The 5G technology is tested at the Port of Tallinn by Telia, Tallink, Ericsson, and Intel.

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