Telia’s 4G Average Download Speed Reaches 72.5 Mbps

According to the mobile internet speed measurements conducted by the Technical Surveillance Authority (TSA), Telia’s 4G network shows the fastest average download and upload speeds among Estonian mobile carriers.
TSA measured mobile internet speeds across Estonia in the Telia, Elisa, and Tele2 networks in December 2016 and January 2017. The purpose of the measurements was to obtain data on mobile internet coverage and the changes in data speeds. Data speeds were measured in 159 static positions, and 1,463 results were gathered during movement.
In static positions, average speeds in the Telia network reached 72.5 Mbps for download and 27.5 Mbps for upload. Tele2 had the average speeds of 52.5 Mbps (download) and 22.7 Mbps (upload), and for Elisa the speeds were 47.3/20.6 Mbps. In the Telia network, 65% of measurements in static positions showed download speeds of over 50 Mbps.
Telia also had the fastest average speeds measured during the drive – 46.7 Mbps and 17 Mbps (download and upload, respectively).
Additionally, Telia’s 4G service was available in 99% of measurement instances in static positions, and in 97% of measurement instances during the movement.
In 2016, Telia installed 399 new mobile base stations, and built more than 130 in-house solutions in different buildings. “Today, we are the third largest investor in Estonia with annual investments of approximately 45 million euros. Development of a modern mobile network is one of our priorities, and measurements done by the TSA confirms this – we offer our customers the fastest 4G network with the best coverage area in Estonia,“ said Kirke Saar, CTO at Telia Estonia.
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