Telia Installed More Than 400 Base Stations Last Year

In 2016, Telia installed 399 new mobile base stations across Estonia, and built more than 130 in-house solutions in different buildings.

According to Ermo Polma, Manager at Radio Network at Telia Estonia, the company implemented 31 new base station locations, thereby increasing its 3G (UMTS900) and 4G (LTE800) network coverage areas.

"Additionally, we have increased network capacity in 210 base stations in order to support the Fix4G (4G Home Internet) service which is rapidly gaining popularity," Polma explained.

In 2016, the company built 136 different in-house mobile network solutions.

Most important base station installations and upgrades in 2016 grouped by counties:

  • Harju county– 3 new base station locations with all-round technology base stations (Tabasalu, Soodevahe, Allika). Improved 3G and 4G in-house coverange in Keila. 15 new base stations in rural areas and 10 new base stations in the city of Keila.
  • Hiiu county – new base station in Tahkuna peninsula. Greatly improved coverage in the Heltermaa area.
  • Ida-Viru county – 5 new base station locations (Narva-Jõesuu, Valaste, Remniku, Pagari, Vaindloo).
  • Järva county – new all-round technology base station in Käravete.
  • Lääne county – two new base stations in Kiltsi and Topu, plus 4 new base stations.
  • Lääne-Viru county – improved 3G and 4G in-house coverage in Rakvere and nearby areas. 18 new base stations.
  • Pärnu county – 4 new base stations (Rukkiküla, Soomaa, Vihtra, Vana-Pärnu), plus 13 new base stations.
  • Põlva county - improved 3G and 4G in-house coverage in Põlva. 9 new base stations.
  • Rapla county – two new base station locations in Keava and Vaimõisa.
  • Saare county – one new base station location in Karala. Improved in-house coverage in Kuressaare. 16 new base stations. Ruhnu island  now has 4G.
  • Tallinn -  7 new base station locations.
  • Tartu county – three new base station locations (Lillevälja, Rannaküla, Ringtee) , improved in-house coverage – 9 new base stations.
  • Valga county – new base station location in Otepää.
  • Võru county – new base station location in Järvere, improved in-house coverage - 15 base stations.
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