Telia to Change Special Offer for Voice and Data Services Towards Ukraine

The news has been updated! All special offers are valid until 31.03

Telia’s special offer for voice and data services within Ukraine and towards Ukraine will apply until March 31, thereby extending the special offer period and changing the terms of the offer.

Telia customers in Ukraine will be able to use roaming services (voice calls, SMSs, mobile data) without limits and free of charge between March 11 and 31, 2022.

Additionally, text messages sent from Telia’s network in Estonia to Ukrainian numbers are free between March 11 and 31, 2022.

During March 11-31, 2022, calls made by all Telia customers (contractual residential and business customers, landline and prepaid calling card users) from Estonia to Ukraine are charged with a special rate of €0.31 per minute. This rate is notable lower than the regular Telia rate and Telia does not earn any profit by applying this rate.

“Unfortunately, we have seen systematic and massive scams related to free calls, which has resulted in six-figure amounts falling into the hands of criminals instead of helping Ukraine. This is especially painful to acknowledge because enabling free calls was set up to help and support the Ukrainian people,” Holger Haljand, Head of B2B at Telia Estonia, explained.

According to Haljand, Telia will mobilize its resources in order to ensure continued provision of its services with special terms towards Ukraine and will inform the general public should there be any change that may affect Telia’s services.

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