Twice the Speed at No Additional Cost for Telia Home Internet Customers

Telia will award its loyal customers by introducing the Telia 1 service, which enables to double their broadband speed without additional costs.

This week, Telia launched the Telia 1 service, which is designed for Telia’s new and existing residential customers.

Telia 1 makes it possible for the customers of Telia’s main services (mobile data, home internet, and TV service) to double their current broadband speed and add two TV theme channels (sports and music) at no additional costs.

According to Holger Haljand, Head of B2C at Telia Estonia, Telia 1 is a notable move on the local telecoms market. “For the first time, we combined our mobile and home services into one package in order to show that we value our most loyal residential customers. If the customer subscribes to one of the three main services they do not yet use and activates the Telia 1 offer, they will get twice as fast internet connection and two free TV theme packages. If the customer already uses Telia’s home internet, TV services and mobile data, they will also get more value from their current services by being able to enjoy twice as fast internet and free sports and music TV theme packages. Additionally, Telia 1 will make the customer’s life easier by combining three services and billing them with one bill,“ Holger Haljand explained.

The Telia 1 offer is also valid for users of Telia’s mobile services whose bills are paid by their employer, provided the number has an active mobile data subscription. This is the first time when an offer for residential customers is extended to those who use a SIM card registered to a business customer.

The offer is currently valid only for those customers who have Telia’s cable internet access.

Additionally, Telia 1 faster internet can be activated for those addresses that have technical prerequisites required to achieve the faster speeds.

For more information about the Telia 1 offer, visit Telia’s website at

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