Telia’s Profitability Increased by 5.6% in 2017

In 2017, Telia’s services revenue increased by 3.1% reaching €226.4 million. In Q4, the revenue increased by 3.2% reaching €57.6 million. The company’s net profit increased by 5.6% reaching €90.4 million in 2017. In Q4, the profit increased by 3.6% reaching €22 million.

Kadir Kale, CFO at Telia Estonia, noted that a number of advancements made in different business areas played a big role in last year’s good results.

“In the mobile services area, Telia launched roam-like-home plans even before EU’s roaming regulation entered into force, and these plans became instantly popular. TV services were influenced by changes in free-to-air TV. Last year, we also launched a huge modernization project of our broadband network, which will yield visible results this year. These factors combined made last year very successful for us“.

Additionally, Telia introduced several new and groundbreaking solutions in 2017. For example, the Digital Summit featured the first remotely controlled excavator, which was showcased for European heads of state and local people. In collaboration with ERGO, Telia launched a modern vehicle e-insurance service. Telia also made it possible to use its services with zero rating.

In 2017, Telia grew in all its main business areas. The number of subscribers reached 925,000 growing by 24,000 year-on-year. The number of mobile data users also increased by 24,000 reaching 360,000.

2017 was also successful for Telia’s TV services, mostly due to TV3 and Kanal2 leaving the free-to-air TV, which channeled many people towards subscribing with a new TV service provider. By the end of 2017, Telia had 200,000 home TV subscribers who used the service over IPTV and 4G.

Telia Estonia is the market leader in its focus areas. The company employs 1,900 people.

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