Uudis: Telia kasumlikkus jätkas kasvu

In Q2 2017, the profitability of Telia Estonia continued to grow increasing 1% year-on-year and reaching €22.3 million.

Telia’s services revenue increased by 0,4% reaching €55.7 in Q2 2017.

According to Dan Strömberg, CEO at Telia Estonia, Telia Estonia showed strong results in both the first two quarters of the year.

“I am very pleased that Telia has strengthened its position as a telecoms market leader and maintained a solid leading position in all its focus areas – mobile, broadband, and IT. We are pioneers when it comes to new and innovative solutions. For example, in April, our customers were the first in Estonia to enjoy roaming in the European Union at their home rates. In the second quarter, we opened the first underground mobile network in the world. This will help to improve efficiency and safety in the Estonia mine, which is the largest oil shale mine in the world. Additionally, we are one of the first carriers to close the outdated PSTN telephony technology and upgrade our customers to modern connections. Currently, we are focusing on replacing old internet technologies like ADSL, and we have ambitious plans in place for upgrading customers to a new generation of technology,” Stömberg said.

Telia had 918,000 mobile subscription at the end of June 2017. This is 30,000 more than last year (888,000).

The number of Telia’s mobile data users also shows strong growth reaching 347 000 in June this year compared to 314 000 at the end of Q2 2016.

Telia’s TV service had 177,000 subscribers at the end of June, which is several thousand more than last year. The number of broadband customers increased from 231,000 to 233,000.

Telia Estonia employs 1,900 people and is the market leader in all its focus areas.

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