Telia Increased Its Profit By 8.6%

Telia Estonia increased its profit by 8.6% in Q1 this year, showing good results in TV, mobility, broadband, and IT services business areas.

Compared to last year, Telia’s revenue increased by 2.9% and reached €71.5 million at the end of the quarter. The profit increased by 8.6%, reaching €23.5 million.

According to Dan Strömberg, CEO at Telia Estonia, in the first quarter, the company launched several new solutions that became quickly popular, and which now have tens of thousands of users.

“We see that an increasing number of residential and business customers prefer to buy products and services from one service provider. In the first quarter we launched Telia 1 for residential customers and a comprehensive IT solution for business customers. Thousands of customers have already subscribed to these new services, and we are able to offer them very good terms for using these services.

The second important news is the launch of the mobile payment solution mTasku, which as of January can be used in Tallinna Kaubamaja, Selver and I.L.U stores. In March, the amount of mTasku transactions exceeded €1 million, and the app was used by more than 16,000 shoppers. “This shows that people want to use new and innovative digital solutions, and Telia is ready to offer these to them,“ Dan Strömberg said.

At the end of Q1, the number of Telia’s mobile subscriptions grew by 33,000 year-on-year, reaching 934,000. The number of mobile data users grew from 342,000 to 369,000.

At the end of March, Telia had 202,000 TV subscribers who use the service over IPTV and 4G technologies.

Telia had 238,000 broadband customers, which is 6,000 more than last year at the same time.

In the first quarter, Telia purchased cloud services business from Termnet Eesti OÜ. In 2017, Terment’s revenue was €350,000 and the company managed more than 200 servers.

Telia Estonia has 1,800 employees and the company is a market leader in its focus areas.

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