Data Free TV Expands Channel Selection

This week, Telia expanded the list of TV channels that users can stream without getting into their monthly mobile data allowance.

Telia’s Mobile Life 16GB, 32GB and 64GB customers can now watch ERR (Estonian Public Broadcast) channels without affecting their data allowance.

“Customers can now watch ERR channels on their smartphones and tablets without having to worry about running out of data allowance,“ said Allan Dobrõš, B2C Mobility Service Manager at Telia Estonia.

Allowance-free streaming applies to ERR channels ETV, ETV2, ETV+. The most convenient way of watching ERR channels is via the ERR app. Allowance-free streaming applies also to STVgo! live and recorded programs.

In July, Telia enabled allowance-free streaming for MINU.TV services, which increased usage of the service substantially.

Telia is the only wireless carrier in Estonia who enables allowance-free streaming of online content. The selection of allowance-free channels will keep growing in the future.

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