Spotify Now Streams without Using Your Mobile Data

As of this week, Telia’s Mobile Life customers can now stream music from Spotify without using their mobile data allowance.
This offer is valid for all Mobile Life customers with mobile data allowance of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB. Allowance-free streaming of Spotify is applied automatically, the users do not have to configure anything.

“Streaming from Spotify does not use your mobile data, provided there is some data left on your plan’s allowance or an add-on data pack. If the data is used up, Spotify can no longer be streamed without using mobile data. This applies to Spotify Premium, Spotify Free, and Spotify Premium for Family. Additionally, with Spotify Premium it does not matter whether Spotify subscription is done via Telia or another service provider,“ said Allan Dobrõš, B2C Mobility Service Manager at Telia Estonia.

Streaming from Spotify without using mobile data allowance works only in Telia’s network in Estonia. Outside Estonia, streaming from Spotify uses mobile data in all operators’ networks.

In June this year, Telia applied allowance-free streaming to MINU.TV services. In September, allowance-free streaming was extended to Estonian Public Broadcasting channels ETV, ETV2, and ETV+. Telia is the only wireless carrier in Estonia who enables allowance-free content streaming.

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