Mobile Usage Abroad Rockets

During the past six months, many of Telia’s customers’ mobile data use abroad has increased tenfold.

At the end of last year, customers used on average 30 MB of mobile data per day in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Today, the average daily data use of Mobile Life customers reaches 250-300 MB. Mobile Life customers traveling in Finland lead the mobile data usage statistics, followed by Latvia, Sweden, and Norway.

“Customers who use mobile data on their computers use even more mobile data - their data use in roaming has rocketed reaching on average 1,200 MB per day in the Nordic and Baltic countries,“ said Leila Leeben, Voice Services Group Manager at Telia Estonia.

During the past six months, roaming rates have decreased substantially, and this is the reason behind the increase in mobile data use abroad.

"Lower rates have decreased people’s reluctance to use mobile data abroad. Customers do not turn off mobile data as often when traveling in the European Union, and the number of roaming data users has increased 10% in the Baltic countries, and even more in the Nordics,“ Leeben explained.

In addition to more carefree data usage, saving on costs is also worth mentioning: just six months ago 250-300 MB of data usage in roaming would have cost €15-18 due to additional roaming charges. Today, customers save that amount.

Telia customers can use the 4G network in 50 countries. Thus, customers can surf with ultrafast speeds in roaming and do not have to change their usage habits while traveling outside Estonia.

In order to monitor data use abroad, customers can use the Telia Travel app or My Data Manager, which can help to keep costs under control. Additionally, Telia customers can avoid large bills by activating daily or monthly limits, which caps mobile data usage at a certain level and cost.

Telia Mobile Life customers can use mobile data and voice services in the Nordic and Baltic countries at their home rates and terms. Additionally, from June 1, several Mobile Life plans enable the use of some of plan’s data allowance in the EU at home rates and terms. This is a unique offer in Estonia.

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