ERGO, Telia Launch Pay-As-You-Go Vehicle Insurance

ERGO together with Telia have launched a car insurance app for those who drive only occasionally.

”Vehicle e-insurance is a unique solution in Estonia which provides traffic and voluntary insurance based on actual usage of the vehicle. This means that the cost of the insurance depends on the days the vehicle is used,” said Andres Konsap, Regional Manager at ERGO.

This solution is designed for infrequent drivers, for example motorcycles or classic car owners, and families with several cars. Voluntary insurance covers the damage even during the insurance pause,” Andres Konsap explained.

According to Toomas Kärner, IoT Business Area Manager at Telia Estonia, Estonians increasingly value solutions that enable performing tasks quickly and conveniently, for example using Mobile ID or the Telia Travel app.
“Telia Travel app is actively used for purchasing travel insurances, because the whole process is very streamlined within the app. We hope that the Vehicle e-insurance will also find its dedicated user base, because the need for this service is certainly present on the market.”

Purchasing Vehicle e-insurance policy is easy – download the free mSõiduk app from Google Play (Android devices) or Apple App Store (iOS devices) and follow the instructions.

For more information on the Vehicle e-insurance, click HERE.

How to purchase the insurance policy via Vehicle e-insurance?

  • The service requires a valid Telia contract subscription
  • Pay by the month with your Telia bill based on the actual days you use the vehicle
  • Those who would like to have additional convenience can purchase a GPS device, which enables automatic activation and cancellation of the policy, as well the purchase of voluntary insurance.

Watch the video about Vehicle e-insurance:


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