95% of Telia’s Customers Use the New TV Service Platform

Telia plans to discontinue its old smartTV platform in the fall, and will afterwards offer its TV service only via the new Telia TV. Currently, already 95% of Telia’s customers use the new TV platform.

According to Karl Anton, TV and Multimedia Area Manager at Telia Estonia, the company has been actively transferring its TV customers from old service to the new one, and so far everything has gone smoothly.

“Of course, we understand that switching from a familiar smartTV to a new platform might seem troublesome for some customers. At the same time, the outdated platform does not support all new developments putting some customers at disadvantage because they are not able to enjoy all updates and new options. Telia TV offers much more convenient and rich entertainment for the same price, and customers’ feedback on the new platform has been positive,” Karl Anton added.

Lääne county has so far been the most active in switching from smartTV to Telia TV. Currently the number of Telia TV users in Lääne county is more than 95%. In other parts of Estonia, the number of Telia TV users is a little smaller.

At the same time, there are areas where all TV customers use the Telia TV platform, for example, Puurmanni parish in Jõgeva county, Urvaste parish in Võru county, Nõva parish in Lääne county, Laeva and Meeksi parishes in Tartu county, and Pöide parish in Saaremaa.

Customers can change their TV service by contacting Telia via phone, online chat, email, or by visiting a nearby Telia store. The most convenient way to switch to Telia TV is by completing necessary steps at Telia’s self-service portal or by following instructions on TV screen. Additionally, Telia informs all smartTV users personally about the upcoming change.

In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, Telia offers several bonuses for those who switch from smartTV to Telia TV, for example, free first month of Telia TV service. Other discounts are more personal, e.g. if the customer needs a new set-top box for Telia TV, it is possible to get it with a discount.

Today, over 177,000 customers use Telia’s TV service. According to recent data from the Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority, in the first quarter of this year, Telia became the market leader among television service providers reaching 35.6% market share, while Starman’s market share was 35.5%. “Becoming a market leader shows that we are the first choice among customers. This is a great recognition for us showing that we have moved in the right direction and done the right things,” said Karl Anton.

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