iPhone 6S Was Top-Selling Phone in 2016

According to sales statistics from Telia, iPhone S was the most sold mobile phone in 2016.

The top-three list of best-selling phones came from only three different manufacturers –4 phones from Apple, 2 from Huawei, and 4 from Samsung.

According to Taavi Ting, Product Group Manager at Telia Estonia, the first basic phone landed only in the 13th position.

Top 10 mobile phones sold by Telia in 2016:
1. Apple iPhone 6s
2. Apple iPhone SE
3. Huawei P8 Lite DS
4. Samsung Galaxy J3 2016
5. Apple iPhone 7
6. Huawei Y5
7. Apple iPhone 5S
8. Samsung Galaxy A3 2016
9. Samsung Galaxy S7 series (including Edge)
10. Samsung Galaxy A5 2016

"Apple almost took the top three positions, as iPhone 7 was not far off from the third place. Unfortunately the availability of Apple's new phones is always limited after the launch, and this was the case for iPhone 7 as well. If iPhone 7 had not experienced shortage of supply, it would have certainly made the top 3. Still, it is a notable achievement because iPhone 7 climbed to the fifth spot in only a little more than three months," Ting commented.

Affordable price and great specs of Huawei's p8 Lite made it a clear hit throughout the year which helped the phone land on the third spot. Samsung also showed strong results with its economy J-series, mid-range A-series, and top-end S-series.

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