Update of Requirements for Workplace Management Services

Telia will update the Requirements and Price List for Workplace Management Service as of 25.05.2017.

The update is made due to the addition of new services to the portfolio of Workplace Management Services. In the framework of updated Workplace Management Services, it will be possible to order the following additional services:

Antivirus service

In today’s IT world, computer viruses and spyware are one of the biggest risks in the daily work and data management of companies. Despite the fact that the necessity of antivirus software no longer surprises anyone, a great deal of companies have still not dealt with this necessity in a reasonable manner.

We started cooperation in 2016 to provide ESET antivirus products to our business clients. Today, we have already been able to add ESET antivirus options to the additional services of our Workplace Management Services.

Telia’s Antivirus service gives all clients of Workplace Management Services the opportunity to use internationally renowned antivirus software at a very reasonable price. In addition to a software licence, Telia’s solution will also ensure optimal work through central management activities.

WiFi Service for a Small Office

These days, virtually every office needs high-quality WiFi connection, be it for wireless work or providing internet for visitors. Despite the daily nature of WiFi, a great number of companies still struggle with obtaining a trustworthy WiFi connection.

The WiFi Service for a Small Office is a completely novel solution for business clients who want to have an operational WiFi solution, but do not really need complex network settings.

WiFi devices that meet the requirements of business clients, service support and a convenient service model with a monthly fee, give the opportunity to provide a no-nonsense wireless network solution at an office, without the need for significant investments.

You can get acquainted with the updated Terms and Conditions and the new Price List on the Telia website www.telia.eeas of 25.04.2017.

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