Two and a Half Times the Data Allowance for the Same Price for Customers Visiting Russia

On January 16, Telia and Diil will launch a new weekly data plan for Russia, which enables two and a half times the data allowance compared to today’s plan.

Today, the Weekly plan’s data allowance is 400 MB in Russia, and the new Weekly plan offers 1 GB of weekly data allowance.

“Thousands of Telia’s customers travel to Russia each month, and their need for mobile data is growing. We want to meet their needs and provide better internet usage experience in Russia,“ noted Helve Rammul, Service Manager at Telia Estonia. According to her, 1 GB of data for a week is sufficient for frequent internet users.

The service “Weekly Plan in Russia“ gives users 1 GB of allowance for 7 days (or 168 hours) from the time the plan is activated. When 1 GB of data is used up, daily data limit in Russia is applied. The user can always buy another weekly plan.

The weekly plan costs €24.95 (VAT is applied to business customers, price incl. VAT is €29.94). The Weekly plan can be ordered only via SMS just like other plans by sending a message NADAL RUS to 9560. It is possible to preorder the Weekly plan, but only within 7 days from the time it will be activated. The Weekly plan is activated upon the first use in a Russian carrier’s network and it will remain active for 168 hours (7 days).

The offer is valid for all Telia and Diil contract residential and business customers and calling card users (Diil, Super, Simpel).

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