TSA: Telia Offers Fastest Mobile Broadband in Estonia

According to measurements conducted by the Technical Surveillance Authority (TSA), Telia provides the fastest average mobile broadband speeds among Estonian mobile carriers.

Measurements showed that in static locations average speeds in the Telia 4G network reached 75.3 Mbps for download and 28.6 Mbps for upload. Both numbers are the fastest in Estonia. Telia also had the fastest average speeds measured while in motion: 48.1 Mbps and 17.3 Mbps (download and upload, respectively).

Download speeds of over 50 Mbps were reached at 66% of static measurement locations, and in 38% of measurement instances while in motion.


Oliver Lekk, Radio Network Planning Manager at Telia Estonia, said that Telia made 868 updates on its network in 2017, thereby improving mobile reception in hundreds locations across Estonia. Telia upgraded 308 base stations and increased 4G capacity in 323 existing base stations. Additionally, Telia performed a number of updates on internal networks of various companies and our partners.


“In addition to the regular mobile broadband, Telia’s 4G network hosts home internet with unlimited data, TV service, and VoLTE service, which has been quickly adopted by tens of thousands of Estonians. Telia is also the only Estonian carrier to offer selected services (i.e. MINU.TV, Spotify) with zero rating. Thus, Telia’s customers have access to the fastest network and widest range of services,“ said Oliver Lekk.


According to Oliver Lekk, Telia will continue with continue to improve its mobile network this year as well.


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