Tens of Thousands of Families to Get Tenfold Faster Internet

Tens of Thousands of Families to Get Tenfold Faster Internet
Telia has started with the modernization of its fixed network, which brings tenfold faster Internet connection to copper-based connection users.
At the end of last year, Telia announced that it will close its copper-based ADSL network, which was launched almost twenty years ago. Today, copper-based technology no longer meets the needs of customers.
“We have taken a large step towards Gigabit Society during the last few years. Last summer we reached a download speed of 1 Gbps in our mobile network, and this year, we launched a 1 Gbps Home Internet plan which uses fiber optics network. At the same time, we have not forgotten about those customers who do not have access to fiber optics connection, and this is why we will have started to migrate these users to new technologies, which enable up to tenfold faster Internet connection,“ said Kirke Saar, CTO at Telia Estonia.
Some of Telia’s customers who use copper-based connection have been able to use connection based VDSL technology that enables speeds up to 60 Mbps for download and 10 Mbps for upload. This fall, copper-based connection will be upgraded to VDSL2 (35b) technology, which enables download speeds of at least 100 Mbps.
According to Toivo Praakel, Network Director at Telia Estonia, Telia is one of the first Internet service providers who will be improving its customers’ usage experience with this kind of solution.
“Our experience shows that we can reach download speeds of up to 250 Mbps using a 400m long copper cable. During the summer, we will create several new service plans based on these new possibilities, which will include a 100 Mbps broadband connection for copper-based technology users,“ Praakel explained.
Modernization of Telia’s copper-based network takes place step-by-step and the work is grouped by areas. All customers affected by these changes will be notified personally. All customers who will have access to new speeds will be able to changer their plans through Telia’s self-service portal or other Telia sales channels.
“In most cases we will be able to modernize the network in a way which will not affect our customers, and customers will not have to pay for the new cable. However, in order to be able to enjoy faster speeds, customers must replace their routers,“ Praakel added.
In addition to upgrading its copper-based connection, today Telia tested a new fiber optics solution that enables upload speed of 10 Gbps. According to Praakel, this speed is clearly a glimpse of the future, but as Telia aims at being a frontrunner in Internet technology, creating solutions for future developments is important for the company.
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