Telia to Launch Unique Pizzamovie service

On January 25, Telia will launch a new and unique service, which enables to order a movie together with a large pizza from the Telia TV Video rental.

“Warm and juicy pizza is a great complement to a cosy movie night, and thus, we decided to put these two things together and make it possible to order them conveniently via TV screen. For this, an option “Pizzamovie“ was added to the Telia TV Video rental menu, which enables to order a movie together with a pizza. The pizza will be delivered by a courier,“ explained Maarit Mäeveer, Telia TV Marketing Manager at Telia Estonia.

“Pizzamovie” is a pilot service, which is currently available in Tallinn. The “Pizzamovie“ option will be added only to those Telia TV customers who live in areas where the service is available.

Telia has partnered with New York Pizza to launch the new service. New York Pizza takes care both of making and delivering the pizzas. The second partner of the project is Postpal, whose app is used to send orders to the courier. Additionally, the Postpal app can also be used by customers to track the pizza delivery.

During the pilot, customers can choose between 21 movies and four large (40cm) and thin pizzas - Hawaii, Meat Lovers, Bacon Supremo and Vegetarian. One large pizza can serve 3-4 people.

Pizzamovie orders can be made through the Telia TV every day between 11:00 a.m. and 22:00 p.m. The pizza is delivered within an hour. The Pizzamovie service costs €18, which will be added to your next month’s Telia bill.

According to Maarit Mäeveer, the first goal of the pilot project is to find out the demand for the service and test the order processing. “If the system will receive a huge number orders in one hour, a message will be displayed on the TV screen notifying that the order limit has been reached and new orders can be placed from the next hour.“

The pilot project will last until February 15. Thus, the period includes Valentine’s Day.

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