Telia, Tallinna Kaubamaja ** Group Launched Mobile Wallet mTasku

Together with its partner, Telia has launched the mTasku mobile wallet app. mTasku can be used to checkout at Kaubamaja, Selver, and I.L.U. stores.

The mTasku mobile wallet can now be used at close to 700 checkout desks at Kaubamaja, Selver, and I.L.U. stores.

Rene Paats, Head of Partnerkaart Development at Kaubamaja Group, said that this is to date the largest scale mobile wallet payment project in Estonia.

“The main advantage of mTasku is convenience and freedom from a physical wallet. It no longer matters how many cards can your wallet hold, because there is no need to carry the wallet at all,“ Rene Paats added.

Tarmo Kärsna, Head of B2B at Telia Estonia, explained that in order to pay with mTasku at both regular and self-checkout desks, the user must add their bank card to the mTasku app. If the customer has a physical Partnerkaart, it is possible to add it to mTasku by selecting it from the app’s menu. This way, 650,000 current Parnerkaart users can start using the service easily right away.

“For example, to get the SelveEkspress scanner, you simply have to scan the mTasku QR code or, if your phone supports NFC, touch the NFC tag. After you’ve scanned the goods and returned the scanner, you have to scan the payment tag at the self-checkout desk, select mTasku as payment method on the screen, and press the “Pay“ button on your mobile,“ Tarmo Kärsna explained.

“Purchase details and discounts are displayed on the mBill in the mTasku app. The app is available to customers of all local mobile operators.

The first commercial mTasku transaction was done in November 2016. During one year of the pilot project, more than 180,000 transactions for the total amount of approximately €250,000 were made. mTasku enables card payments via mobile phone, and in the future also other services that are traditionally wallet-related, e.g. loyalty cards, gift cards, transit cards, access cards, as well as mobile e-bills and e-documents.

The mTasku app is free to download at Google Play and Apple store.

mTasku is a mobile wallet, which is developed by Telia, LHV, EveryPay and Tallinna Kaubamaja Group together with POS system providers Ektaco, ID Süsteemid, Nixor ja Laansoo & Trussmann. The main development partner of the mTasku platform and app is Datanor OÜ. Tallinn University of Technology and IDEMIA are important partners for developing the processing of secure electronic documents and access permits in mobile phones.

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