Telia SAFE Helps to Keep Children Safe Online

Telia, together with F-Secure, has launched a new security solution called Telia SAFE, which can be used on computers, tablets, and smartphones, and which helps to keep children safe online.

According to Gert Tomson, Service manager at Telia Eesti AS, Telia SAFE is more than just an antivirus, as it also enables monitoring children’s activities and protecting data from strangers.

“Previously we offered our customers Arvutikaitse antivirus, which was available only for computers running on Windows. The new service is much more flexible, as it is available for both computers, tablets, and smartphones,“ Gert Tomson said.

With Telia SAFE, the data is protected even if the device is lost is stolen. The service also has a child-lock function, which enables to control how much time the child can spend online, mange device usage, protect device’s content, and block violent content. The mobile app enables to configure which app the child can use, and set an alarm when the child has left the phone in silent mode and does not answer calls. When the device is lost or stolen, it can be tracked by using a computer, the content can be blocked, deleted, and also device’s alarm can be activated.

Telia SAFE is available for private and business customers, and the service costs €1.85 per month for one license/device, which is the same price as it was for Arvutikaitse. The price per license decreases with the number of licenses. To add more devices to the Telia SAFE service, use the Telia SAFE online administration center. Online administration is especially useful for business customers, as it enables to manage different licenses the company has purchased.

Telia will send an email to all users of Arvutikaitse informing them that about the change of the service and describing features of the new solution. The Arvutikaitse service will be automatically updated within a month, provided there’s internet connection.

If you wish to start using Telia SAFE right away, or if you want to install it on other devices besides computer, take the following steps:

  • Log in to Telia SAFE through the Telia website and associate your email address with our account. You can also change the number of your licenses through the Telia website.
  • You will receive an email with the link to install Telia SAFE, along with your username and password.
  • Open the email on the device you wish to install Telia SAFE on and use the link in the email to download the app.
  • You will be prompted to enter your username and password during the installation.

F-Secure antivirus solution is used by over 25 million customers across the world, and the F-Secure brand is trusted by 200 telecommunications companies globally.

To read more about Telia SAFE, clickHERE.

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