Telia Hire Purchase Now Available at iDeal and Sony Center Stores

In October, Telia’s hire purchase service expanded to two retail chain stores – last week to iDeal (IM Arvutid AS), and this week to Sony Center (Miterassa OÜ).

According to Maksim Melamed, Financing and VAS Area Manager at Telia Estonia said that this is good news in particular for those who would like to shop at iDeal and Sony Center for Apple or Sony products and pay in instalments. According to Maksim Melamed, in the first stage, hire purchase will be available at retail outlets, and at a later stage it will also be integrated into online shops.

According to Kadri Metsküll, Retail and Marketing Manager at Sony Center, the collaboration enables to offer customers a quick and easy way to buy high-quality Sony products. “Buying good tech products sometimes requires additional financing, and this is why it is important to offer customers hire purchase from a reliable partner.“ Together with Sony experts, customers will be able to get the best tech for the homes and offices.“

Silja Kalda, Marketing Manager at IM Arvutid, the umbrella company for iDeal retail stores, emphasized the aspect of customer experience when describing the collaboration between Telia and iDeal. “We value customers’ convenience and good shopping experience, and this is why we will be offering Telia’s quick and flexible hire purchase to our customers from October.“

Telia hire purchase is available for purchases starting at €75. Depending on customer’s credit rating the amount may reach €3,200. It is possible to repay the hire purchase prematurely without any additional costs and future interest.

Telia hire purchase is also available at Telia retail and online stores, as well as at Euronics and Expert retail stores.

Please note that hire purchase is a financial obligation (consumer credit). Hire purchase is provided by Telia Eesti AS (financial services license no 4.1-1/17, 3 Mustamäe street, 15033 Tallinn, Estonia). Prior to concluding the transaction, review the specific terms and conditions of the repayment and, if necessary, consult an expert.

The annual percentage rate is 26.5% under the following sample conditions: the price of the product when paying immediately is €500; contract fee €15.90; consumer credit agreement with a duration of 48 months; fixed interest calculated each month on the remainder of the loan 21.9%. The sum repaid by the consumer is €779.04, which includes: payment of €500 for the product; interest of €263.14 and a contract fee of €15.90.

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